Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Spring Barrel Cactus

Good Morning.

I have a quick little project to share with you today.

I won the ebook Vintage Flower Collection from The Philosopher's Wife. I was super excited about this, I love Rachael's blog, and have been linking my work up there every week. There, and Eye <3 Knots who helps host as well! I have been really wanting to crochet a flower garden. I have NOT a green thumb but I CAN crochet beautiful flowers. In the process of looking for crochet flowers with stems, I found an adorable project.

It's a Crochet Barrel Cactus!

Here is mine...
(looking like Willy Wonka made it)

Here is the one I seen online. You can find the pattern on La Casa De Crafts Barrel Cactus

I decided that it was really cute but a little plain for my tastes.
So I got out the rest of the cotton that was left from my crochet wallet and got it on my hook.

Here is the little pot I used. They are about 2.5 inches tall. I found them at our local dollar store at Christmas on clearance. I paid .25 cents for the small ones, and I got the big one for .75 cents. I bought 4 sets in purple, green and yellow. A great deal! So bright for our snowy Christmas. They are perfect for storing things, there isn't a hole in the bottom for plants but they are ceramic so you could drill one if need be.

This little pot is bigger than the one from la casa de crafts.


I just took my I hook and alternated sc row and dc row for 16 rows.
I had a rectangle when laid flat.

This made the little "ridges".

At the end I left a long tail, I got out my darning needle and went in and out with my yarn on the ends. When I pulled the string tight the ends all gathered together. 
I done this on both ends. 

I left a long tail on this end too so I could sew my button on. It looks like the cactus when it is in bloom.

Before I pulled the bottom end tight, I stuffed this colorful cactus with left over Easter Grass! It worked great. 

Then I just pulled everything tight, and popped it into the pot.

I even put a little bow on mine. Its bright, and colorful.

This makes me smile :-)

TA-DAH! Crochet Spring Barrel Cactus!

It's cute, and now I am making 3 more to go in the little pots that I gave out for Christmas gifts. 

We are having our family Easter Dinner and I can fix them then. I will just have to remember to make the phone call to have them brought to dinner!

Make your own Crochet Barrel Cactus :-)