Thursday, March 12, 2015

Yarny Trip to Wally World

Good Evening my crochet friends, and new ones just finding their way here! I appreciate you taking time to hang out here with me for awhile.

I don't know about all of you, but I live in West Virginia and its cold and snowy here. I just hate winter. The older I get the more of a hassle it becomes. 

Today I went to the closest big town to grocery shop at Walmart. IF I had another option I would not have gotten my yarn at Walmart but there is not a yarn store (Hobby Lobby, Michael's, ect...) in sight and sadly not even close to where I was today. Anyway, I went with my Grandparents. I got up early and out the door at 9 am. We were on the road by 10. Once I got to Walmart and got my groceries finished I turned the cart where it had been trying to go by itself. (I know it was)

When I got to the yarn isle I noticed an end box full of soft, thick, baby colored yarn. Nope, pass. I just got a Red Heart email with their new colors and they were in this box! Sadly, I was not really into the new colors (apparently no one else was either, lol) but there was 2 skeins of lagoon. Its a teal, turquoise, pink and hot pink variegated. Until I went back and seen this picture, I had no idea the green was even in there. Every time I look I see a different color. I have no clue what I am going to do with it but when I got to the register it was on sale for $2.00 (2 bucks!) What a bargain from the usual $2.88 for RHSS. 

Here a picture of the color...(close as I can get)

That went into the cart along with 3 balls of Peaches and Cream cotton yarn that I can NOT find a name for. Its a pretty pastel but not baby colors. This one is more light blue, and purple. Very pretty. It may make a cute clutch or wallet. Which is what I think its going to be.

Here is my Walmart haul minus the groceries.

Not to bad for just around $30.00. I got the rest of the RHSS in Charcoal to finish my queen sized never ending granny blanket and the pillow covers that are going to match it. I am hoping 4 more skeins will finish it up. If not, there are about 15 skeins so far. This is my first blanket and I want it finished. Today I decided to get all I needed to get it off my hook!

Here are a few colors of Sculpey Bake Shop Clay so I can make some DIY grips for my hooks. They lady at walmart first showed me some kind of kid clay, once I explained the type I was looking for, she gave me a strange look when I said it was for my crochet hooks. She took me to the Sculpy and said, "I have this???" Yep, thats what the lady used on YouTube. I have never done this before, (if you have, leave me a comment with a tip!) so I have to watch youtube to see how. I have watched a few previously so I don't think it will be hard. I just hope they turn out. I will update when I do this. I want to share it with all of you.

Here is a pack of grips I got from the art section of Walmart. I figured it they clay does not work, then I will at least have an alternative. I have a few of these now and they do help. I like the grips on mine. I hope I like the clay as much.

I got my first set of crochet labels too. I have made a few things as gifts and I kick myself every time because I always forget to get some. I think its a darling way to let people know its handmade and by who with love.

If you have been following along previous crochet posts you know I have been working on my second Masa Bag. I finally got the handles on and sewed, and today I got 3 big buttons to go on it. I think one big button for the middle, and 2 smaller ones on the sides where I attached the handles. The leftover 2 buttons will have to be for another project. 

I think the top one is best for this bag. The color flecks in the Hometown is bright blue, yellow and oranges, not the pink shown.

I could start a rant here about the poor selection at our Walmart but I am sure everyone knows this, and I am not the only one with yarny problems. Who comes here to hear Bit^%ing anyway?

Here is the Masa Bag with the button just laid on....

It really turned out cute, and its the perfect length even if it does stretch a little. I put no reinforcement in the handles, even with stretch its meant to be a sling bag and to hit around the hip so its perfect for a long legged gal like me. :-)

I don't know if I could bear to part with it, but I have started an Etsy store and it has to have cute stuff so it may go up. I just haven't decided yet. I haven't even finished it. Once the button is on, I will field test it. :-)

So that's my trip today. Not bad for a nice, warm, sunny day. It was a gorgeous day, and I am thankful to have been able to enjoy it and a nice lunch with my grandparents. I am so lucky to still be able to enjoy them. They are one of the lights in my life.

I have been working hard on my Blogger Basket Swap hosted by Re*Solve, and GlitznGrits. I done a little "extra" shopping today for my partner and new blogger friend Angela. I have had a few things on my hook but sharing them will let the secret out in case Angela is snooping ;-) It's ok, Angie, I have snooped on my partner, Mary at JingleJangleJungle.

It has been a lot of fun getting to know everyone. I have had a great time filling up my little basket. Darn, I forgot the card! S*$T!!! Oh well, maybe my little one red light town will have something cute. Maybe. If I go now. Prob not. Oh well. Handmade is best anyway.

Have a great rest of your evening. I just wanted to share. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I hope to show you a huge finished granny blanket soon. 

Happy Hookin!

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