Sunday, March 29, 2015

I have been on a lucky streak!

Hi, my friends. 

As I teased you with last post, I have had a few pretty awesome things happen to me lately and it's all because I am involved with the other bloggers here on Bloglovin. 

I love the giveaways that bloggers post. I have even jumped on the bandwagon myself and I am satisfied so far...

I always make sure when I look at other people pictures they submit on link love, or even when I am reading a blog in general, that I comment and go to their blog for a follow or share. It's polite and I love it when the favor gets returned. We need to share each others hard work. Be supportive! Plus, it's nice to know that you have readers that stop by to say hello. It's how we get ourselves out there as well. We are one big circle here on Bloglovin and the opportunities to advertise your blog and on others are available. 

I was visiting a blog the other day and they had a giveaway. The blog was 

It's a KIY Beanie kit from Cleckheaton. It included the gift bag, my yarn in color combo burnt orange/iceburg, and a pattern to kit or crochet. Isn't that wonderful! The yarn included in the package is Superfine Merino and I am absolutely over the mood with happiness. I have never gotten to work with anything so fine. I can only afford to work with the best value yarns because of my budget. I dream at night of those fancy hanks, hand died, colors of candy or the ocean. Yarns WAY out of my budget at 10+ dollars a skein. A girl can dream of those delicious yarns, can's she?

I do, and I won!

I enter all the yarn contests I can find. I don't like to put the extra cost on my budget and feel like I am taking from something really needed or that could be saved for a rainy day. I figure I have as good as chance as any. I was just telling my Bub that I had entered every #NatCroMo Giveaway that Crochetville had and I still haven't won any yarn.

I just wanted to thank Tanya at LITTLE THINGS BLOGGED and Cleckheaton (watch this, it shows their process and their gorgeous sheep!) for a wonderful prize. 

I appreciate it so much. This is my first time with a yarn that's special. I want so much to by a pretty hank of delicious yarn. I just can't afford it, I would love, love, love, to blog about a skein that was donated to me. I am going to look into crocheting for a charity. There are many of them but I want to make sure the cause is something I feel strongly about.

If you support a crochet charity I would love to know the name. I am very interested in this. 


Yesterday must have been the day for yarn. I also logged on to Craftsy because they were having this huge yarn sale. 

I needed some cotton yarn. Our Walmart does not stock enough yarn, much less something as simple of cotton. Don't get me started on Walmart's yarn. There is absolutely NOWHERE to buy yarn unless I go a couple hours away. I live in a beautiful small town nestled in forests and mountains but it is FAR away from anything artsy related. So my yarn choices are not good unless I order online. 

I don't know about you, but I cant pass up a good sale. Especially if it puts my yarn at less than $2 a skein. That is how good of a deal I got. I got about 15 skeins/balls. I bought with my focus on "more for my money" so I bought yardage and then color. 

Thankfully, once I put my order in all my chosen colors were available but for a select few. I got a few skeins of SCHACHENMAYR Bravo Yarns, I hope it will work for me. I also got a few skeins of UNIVERSAL CLASSIC worsted weight yarn, some LION'S BRAND KITCHEN COTTON.

I got my total and I had a few dollars left. Since this was earmarked "yarn money" I went ahead and bought myself something really pretty that I have also never worked with. They don't sell Vanna anything near me so I bought this...

Isn't it really pretty? Anyone have any comments on how I should use this? Or what kind of item this yarn makes best? I have never used it but I love the shimmer in it and the color is neutral. It's totally me. Maybe a cute tank top for spring? I got 2 balls of it. 

I very seldom make myself anything but I want to make something for spring. Something to forget winter and all the cold, snowy weather. 

All in all I got 15  skeins of yarn for less than $30, shipping was $6.99. That's less than $2 a skein! So happy! I will be watching my mail for all the delicious new yarn!

On to a few more things...

I won another contest and this one is something that I was really excited about too. I won a $60 prize package from THE LUCK OF THE IRISH GIVEAWAY and from PERFECTLY IRRESISTIBLE for a redo of my blog. Header, sidebars, template, THE WHOLE SHEBANG!! A new about me, a new pic. It's really exciting! I really need the help to make this little section of my heart as good as it can be and I take all suggestions and help offered. 
I get to chose a special template from and also have Joyce help me make it more streamlined and better for you.

I was super excited. Check out Perfectly Irresistible. Joyce has some really good portfolios. She has them for word press too. If you read down she makes a post about using icons in your blog posts and on your blog. There is a law now, and she will not put that certain logo or any on your page. It's an infringement somehow. If you want to know more look HERE. It is an old post but I found it helpful.

One more thing, 

I won another of The Luck of the Irish Giveaway's too! 

SIMPLE WYRDINGS is the site that I won A PACKABLE FOLDING PAIL and $5.oo in Paypal cash. Anytime I win cash, I love it. Hey, and extra $5.oo pays for a subscription to Happily Hooked magazine, or a paid pattern from RAVELRY.

All in all I had a lucky streak in March. I am Irish, my children are red heads. :-) My youngest sons birthday was this month. 

Maybe I should have played the lottery?
HA! I don't have time. I am entering too many contests for yarn! My Bub would agree. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. People really do win, and when you say, "I never win anything" think of this little post. I did! AND 3 times! Woot-Woot!

Thanks for hanging out with me today. 

I love to talk, leave me a comment, I will respond! I know EVERYONE in this little town, I want to meet new folks!

Come On In!

Happy Hookin!