Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Snow for Thanksgiving? Good thing I made Ear Warmers!

Hello Again!

I wanted to show you one more thing I whipped up this morning. Looking outside, the snow is falling in big fat flakes and the thermometer says 20+. Its chilly and this weather calls for keeping your ears warm.

Here is an ear warmer, headband, whatever you want to use it for. I made it out of chunky yarn, alternating SC and DC stitches. I made the loop for the gathering out of the same stitches and just sl st it together at the end to let it wrap around. I think it turned out cute.

What do you think?

Remember, I am new. So if you want to crochet something quick and useful this would be the pattern for you.

Here is the link. Its from the YarnBox.

I am loving how much it covers my ears and how thick it is. No wind or snow is going to get thru this.

I wont be updating tomorrow because its Thanksgiving and I will be celebrating with my family at my mom and dads house.

Have a Blessed Turkey Day!

I will talk to you again soon! Stay Warm!

Thanksgiving with a Granny Ripple

Good early morning to everyone. I know there will be some busy kitchens today. Mine included. I wanted to make a new post so I could concentrate on my family, food and guests for tomorrow. Do you have a fave Thanksgiving dish? Mine would be "Cabbage Noodles" and stuffing, of course. Cabbage noodles are a recipe that has been on our Holiday tables for as long as I can remember. I am very thankful I get to share my table with grandparents, parents, nieces, nephews, sisters and guests. All you do is cook your egg noodles, fry a head of cabbage, fry a onion with, and put a stick of butter in it when its all done. Yes, I know it's a stick but its also the holidays. 

All funny aside, I have some major cooking today. My mom doesn't have the time since my sisters kids are there. Thats another story in itself. 

So on my kitchen menu today is a marble cake with chocolate buttercream icing, and cabbage noodles, plus anything else I can think of to bring to my moms house to make it easier on her. We basically "Potluck" it because its so much for one person to do anymore. Hopefully, one of these days I will be hosting.

I hope you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Go around the table and say what you are thankful for!

Now, here is the main reason I am blogging this early. I am swamped with work plus I finished my Granny Ripple Shawl. I made this shawl out of scrap yarn (it matches my bag I just finished) and it took an evening. Its a very easy pattern. I watched a Moogly tutorial to get started. I have come to find out that its easier to watch a video all the way thru first, and then get started. I have learned so much this way.

Well, here it is!

I think it turned out divine. I wish I would of had some yarn to work it up with. Since this was my "stash buster" yarn, I used whatever was left in the yarn basket. Its heavy, just the right length to throw over your shoulders on a chilly day or to just wear for fashion. Crocheted clothes are in, ya know :-)

Please don't pay attention to me. My DH was in bed since I took this at 11:30 last night. Notice how glam I am. LOL
Doesn't it look great? Perfect for jeans.

This might be my new favorite thing for right now. 

Here is the link to the YouTube tutorial I used. It's from Moogly and it's a very good one.

In the next few days I have to make a long trip to the closest place to get yarn. My little one red-light town doesn't have yarn anywhere. Its 30 miles to the closest store. Thats another story. My yarn woes. I am looking to buy out the store this time. I have some major Christmas Crochet to get started on. 

I actually got 4 orders for the little boutique bags in the previous post and several orders for cotton dishcloths. You can't go wrong with dishcloths wrapped in a pretty bow for a present. They dry fast, look good, and work great.

Well, this is it for me today. I will be in the kitchen if anyone needs me. 

Have a blessed Thanksgiving from my table to yours.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Finally Finished!

Good Morning! 
Well, today is the big reveal. I have been working on my inspiration bag for around a month or more. This was my first big crochet project. Since, I have never made anything like this before I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. I knew the inspiration bag was going to test what little skills I did have. Once I got to Walmart and picked out my yarn (they don't have much of a selection where I live, and we don't have a Hobby Lobby or a Michael's) so I made do with the blue's they did have. 
I started off with a solid granny square. Once I got the bag sewn together I noticed that instead of 5 holes in the granny, I only had 4. This made my bag smaller, BUT I really like it smaller. Its big enough to carry what I need. Mine turned out about 10 inches wide, and 8 tall. Once I got it folded and stitched up, it was the perfect size for me.
I really tried to do my best. I tore out mistakes, I whip-stitched over and over, and I crocheted darn shoe stings into the handles so they wouldn't stretch. I even wet blocked my granny squares. It turned out lovely. 
If you go back thru the pages of this blog, it shows all my work leading up to and finishing this bag.


Not too shabby, eh? :-)
I hate to pat myself on the back but I am very proud of this. I have read, watched and listened to every crochet video and tutorial to help me. It worked!


Here is the link to the inspiration bag I used.

Go ahead, make yourself one. You are going to love it. 

The only thing I have to decide now is if I want to make a few more to sell. I am not sure how to price the crochet. It says your material times 3 or $1.00 an inch. I think that may work for things other than blankets. People want to buy them but they don't want to pay what they are worth. I understand but it takes a while to make an afghan and people don't want to pay for my time. Idk what to do. First of all, I am going to change out purses and carry this bag!

Thanks for looking and I hope you crochet today!
Pick a project and get started!
Have a great day!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Sissy's Bag

Good Morning!

I spent the evening last night crocheting. I decided to make my sisters daughter, Emma, a little bag. I searched Pinterest and found a pattern that can be used 3 different ways.

Here is a pic of it.

Here is mine.

This took very little yarn, worked up in an evening. The flower was the hardest part for me. I went thru 3 until I found one that was taking shape. This one doesn't have a yellow middle. Maybe it should, I am not sure how I feel about it.

On the pattern page the original poster gave 3 different ways to make this bag. All of them are cute and the perfect size. I think my niece is going to love it. I am going to make another today, just in case. I try to make a couple of the patterns that turn out easy and good. I like to stash one back for emergencies or to add to my table at our local craft show.

I have decided to start crocheting something everyday. That way by the time April comes around I will have several items to sale.

What little girl wouldn't love it?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Quick Projects Every Day!

Good Afternoon Friends!

Yesterday I didn't feel well but I always feel like I haven't accomplished anything if I don't crochet a quick project (one skein wonder) every day. I decided to search Pinterest and come up with an idea. Well, I love yarn bowls but the are expensive and the Furls one I want is on backorder so I decided to look up t-shirt yarn and see what I could do with it. I came up with a small basket, not made in t-shirt yarn but I knew it would work because T-shirt yarn is like working with chunky yarn. The final project turns out thick, sturdy and standing on its own. I cut up 20 t-shirts the other night just because. If you don't make your own please try. Its the same as the kind you buy in the store.

(this is the make at home option, without crocheting it)
Pretty genius, eh?

 I make my T-shirt yarn at home. Much cheaper and it works just as good. Make sure you are using the right kind of t-shirt. Different blends pull out different way. I am in progress making a kitchen rug. A HUGE one. My DH is helping. Its just a braided round rug. Anyway, my yarn bowl turned out ok. Its hard for me to crochet in the round but I think it turned out ok and it serves its purpose.

Well, here it is. Its ok looking. Actually its really cute and I think I am going to make a few more today. I didn't use a pattern. I just chained what size I thought and went from there. I had never made handles before either but this was EASY! Anyone would to have one of these, small or big, and they work up in half an hour. I am not ashamed of it as I am very new to crochet, its in the round and I am not real good at that either. It's going to keep my yarn from rolling on the dirty floor. I didnt even know I needed it.
Isn't it funny how we don't think we need something until we see we can make it? I dont know if Pinterest is good for me or not. So many ideas and projects. You should see my To-Do list.
I love DIY and work on some kind of project everyday.

I just wanted to update real quick.

Have a warm crochet day!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tshirt Yarn Stash Buster Square Basket

Good Evening!

I started cleaning out my yarn basket today. I have tons of T-shirt yarn that I have been collecting for a big circular kitchen rug. Well, I had tons of black. When I got to making my homemade T-shirt yarn I realized that the t-shirts that I used were all black, white or gray. This is due to my DH taste in t-shirts. So, instead of having a rug with lots of black I decided to browse Pinterest and see if there was a t-shirt yarn pattern to use up my stash that, I could actually do since I don't know a whole lot of crochet technique. Here is the link I used for my basket. I liked it because she made it in 5 different pieces and then connected them. You will need it translated and its pretty basic. Even the parts that don't translate is in spanish, I think. Its really easy.

Isn't her's pretty. Mine is not that nice. Its a little wonky but I figured once I put in a square cake pan to carry, tp or mags for the bathroom. Thats my ideas so far. I used black and yellow cause thats what I had most of.
Here is mine. 

Here are my individual pieces. 5 of them. SC with tshirt yarn. Then connect pieces with a yarn needle and matching yarn.

The picture isn't good. Mine is more of a rectangle than a square. I need to weave in my ends but I was afraid I wouldn't have time to write about it later. Please excuse the short posts. This is right at our family time at home. I should be slaving over the stove for my family. I will. You cant see how much of a rectangle it is. 

Anyway, I am happy with it.
It's gonna serve my purpose and I got some of this extra yarn used up!
Once Christmas is over and I get all my gift crocheting done, my DH and I are going to start on our big kitchen rug. He decided to help me. Its going to be a lot of braiding but its going to be fun to do it together (i hope, lol) and I need his strong hands to help.

If its cold where you are, stay warm.
Today we woke up here in WV to snow and teen weather.
Keep your pets inside or warm outside!

Have a great evening!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Chilly Morning, Perfect for Crochet Hook Cases!

Good chilly morning from WV!

Reason for this post is to let you know (if anyone reads this or cares) that I will be offline for the weekend. A weekend with no laptop, phones, or social media. A much need break and more crochet time for me.

This blog will change as I get more ideas, read more blogs to see how to make mine the best it can be. So if the look changes please bear with me. I am trying to figure out the best way to do this. I love to write, show off my projects. 

Idk if anyone reads this. My the page views someone is. I appreciate it very much. Today I am going to show you a hook case that I made from this Ravelry. This is a simple pattern. Thanks to the poster for the pics and link.

This is what it should look like. Mine was the first crochet project I made so its a little wonky but it was beginner easy and quick. I made mine with 100% cotton but you could use any worsted weight. 

Pretty and useful. 

Reason for posting this is I am going to work on another this weekend while I have the time. (Dont read this part Kat!) My BFF needs one and they work so great that I have to make her one. I think I can hold off until Xmas and give it to her then.

It doesn't look to bad, does it? It was just SC, and I made a chain on top so the hooks would stay in. The little pocket in the middle works great. I did put a snap on it but decided to make a chain so I could attach it to the back to just roll it up and tie. It works great, its cute and I am not forever looking for hooks in the couch or bed.

Have a great day everyone!

I will be back on Monday or Tuesday.
Refreshed and ready to go with new patterns and a new project. Ill post pics of my weekend work then.

Thanks and crochet on!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Mittens on Veteran's Day

Good Morning!

I have been crocheting like a mad woman for the past day or so. I started with easy slippers (previous post) and decided to work on a pair of mittens. Now, I didn't use my head for this. I dont know why I make things in pairs. They never turn out exactly the same on both items. I count, but somewhere there is always a mistake lurking. Last night when I went to bed I had what I thought were 2 finished mittens. Low and behold, this morning I woke up to a brainstorm. I took my scarf yarn (its real fuzzy, idk what its called...) and sc all across the bottom cuff at the wrist. It made them a little more festive, covered up some of my uneven edges. IMO, it worked perfectly. Now I have 2 finished mittens that I can wear when the temps here in WV get real cold. 

I want to give you the link to the mittens. There are several patterns and tutorials on Pinterest. Thats where I found this pattern. She breaks it down and its too easy. I just started crocheting so if I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

Here is my finished project!

Don't laugh, they are warm!

Today is Veterans Day. Please remember our Armed Forces and those that have and are still serving.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Yorganza Giveaway at All Free Crochet!

I have to make a speedy post but I wanted to let you know about a fab giveaway. Its Yorganza!
I entered!

This is a giveaway from ALL FREE CROCHET!

Its Yorganza Fashion Scarf Fabric from Sullivans USA.

They are picking a winner every Thursday until the contest ends in Dec. 15 skeins for each winner!
Can you imagine how many gorgeous things you could make?
You could make all kinds of charity items.

Enter and Good Luck!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fall Into Crochet

I have fallen in love with Bloglovin.

I have decided to put my effort all in.

Here we go...

For you that have no clue who I am (why would you???), my name is Crystal and I live in a one red-light town in the middle of the Monongahela National Forest. Its gorgeous here with our 4 seasons. Right now, its my fave time of year but its getting colder and for an insomniac like me the extra hr doesn't do me a bit of sleeping good. Plus, I despise winter.


I am a simple mom who loves to DIY literally ANYTHING. I love crochet and until recently I only knew how to make a chain. My mom taught me, but you know how kids are, I didn't want to learn then. All my adult life I have lusted after crocheted items. I scour our local pantry for charity items people have loved and discarded. I love to reuse and repurpose. 
I learned what little I do know (and am extremely proud of) by watching YouTube crochet tutorials. It worked and I am slowly making harder stuff and learning more stitches. You have to study, practice, pull out, and learn! 
In some previous posts I have shown a little bit of my work. Its as-is and everything you see is what I just finished. 
So basically this blog is about the love I have for my family, DIY, crochet and books. I love to read, and what better to read than patterns. 
This blog is in continuous update mode so bear with me if it looks strange for awhile. I am just figuring it all out and linking it to Bloglovin was an adventure in itself. 
I may be talking to myself, if so, so be it. I get enjoyment writing and posting my fave pics.

Here is my newest finished project.


The pattern I found on the web said they might be the easiest slippers in the universe (or not) and I believe they are. I am a novice with the crochet hook and I made a pair that are totally wearable and comfy. I actually could make them in different sizes, thats how easy this pattern is. They look wonky off the foot because they are made with a larger hook and are a little loose but on the foot they fit great! 

I will leave a link to the pattern on This is a cute site that I look at often.

So thats it for me tonight. I have been on all day. Its time for date-nite-in with my hubby. We watch Sci-Fi Sat nite on MeTv. They show classic shows and at 10 pm Svengoolie shows a B movie thriller. Here is the link. SVENGOOLIE We get in bed, get snacks, get comfy and just hang out, watch tv and talk. Catch up on our day. Tell each other how important they are. The basics. Its just us at home now so we take advantage of it, but sometimes....


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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Projects for all kinds of reasons!

 Good Afternoon!

Thats the way it goes around here!

I have several projects I have been working on this week while its been chilly outside. The first is called a Masha bag. Its a simple DC bag but its all in the way you fold it. The colors arent my thing but it was extra in my stash.

 Here is another idea. Instead of buying or sewing a plastic grocery bag holder I decided to crochet me one. I think it turned out good. Not my fave colors but its still cute.

Now this is the thing I am most proud of. I have always wanted to crochet slippers. I started on it and literally in 2 hrs I had one slipper. I have yet to do the other foot. I think it looks good, its practical and its soft when you walk on it. I think they will make super xmas gifts with the bath poufs and dishcloths.

I just wanted to update. To say hi, just check in. I am working on something special. I will post it here before long. Its taken longer than expected because I am ripping out every stitch that isnt perfect. This may take awhile. :-)

Have a great day!