Friday, November 21, 2014

Sissy's Bag

Good Morning!

I spent the evening last night crocheting. I decided to make my sisters daughter, Emma, a little bag. I searched Pinterest and found a pattern that can be used 3 different ways.

Here is a pic of it.

Here is mine.

This took very little yarn, worked up in an evening. The flower was the hardest part for me. I went thru 3 until I found one that was taking shape. This one doesn't have a yellow middle. Maybe it should, I am not sure how I feel about it.

On the pattern page the original poster gave 3 different ways to make this bag. All of them are cute and the perfect size. I think my niece is going to love it. I am going to make another today, just in case. I try to make a couple of the patterns that turn out easy and good. I like to stash one back for emergencies or to add to my table at our local craft show.

I have decided to start crocheting something everyday. That way by the time April comes around I will have several items to sale.

What little girl wouldn't love it?