Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tshirt Yarn Stash Buster Square Basket

Good Evening!

I started cleaning out my yarn basket today. I have tons of T-shirt yarn that I have been collecting for a big circular kitchen rug. Well, I had tons of black. When I got to making my homemade T-shirt yarn I realized that the t-shirts that I used were all black, white or gray. This is due to my DH taste in t-shirts. So, instead of having a rug with lots of black I decided to browse Pinterest and see if there was a t-shirt yarn pattern to use up my stash that, I could actually do since I don't know a whole lot of crochet technique. Here is the link I used for my basket. I liked it because she made it in 5 different pieces and then connected them. You will need it translated and its pretty basic. Even the parts that don't translate is in spanish, I think. Its really easy.

Isn't her's pretty. Mine is not that nice. Its a little wonky but I figured once I put in a square cake pan to carry, tp or mags for the bathroom. Thats my ideas so far. I used black and yellow cause thats what I had most of.
Here is mine. 

Here are my individual pieces. 5 of them. SC with tshirt yarn. Then connect pieces with a yarn needle and matching yarn.

The picture isn't good. Mine is more of a rectangle than a square. I need to weave in my ends but I was afraid I wouldn't have time to write about it later. Please excuse the short posts. This is right at our family time at home. I should be slaving over the stove for my family. I will. You cant see how much of a rectangle it is. 

Anyway, I am happy with it.
It's gonna serve my purpose and I got some of this extra yarn used up!
Once Christmas is over and I get all my gift crocheting done, my DH and I are going to start on our big kitchen rug. He decided to help me. Its going to be a lot of braiding but its going to be fun to do it together (i hope, lol) and I need his strong hands to help.

If its cold where you are, stay warm.
Today we woke up here in WV to snow and teen weather.
Keep your pets inside or warm outside!

Have a great evening!