Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving with a Granny Ripple

Good early morning to everyone. I know there will be some busy kitchens today. Mine included. I wanted to make a new post so I could concentrate on my family, food and guests for tomorrow. Do you have a fave Thanksgiving dish? Mine would be "Cabbage Noodles" and stuffing, of course. Cabbage noodles are a recipe that has been on our Holiday tables for as long as I can remember. I am very thankful I get to share my table with grandparents, parents, nieces, nephews, sisters and guests. All you do is cook your egg noodles, fry a head of cabbage, fry a onion with, and put a stick of butter in it when its all done. Yes, I know it's a stick but its also the holidays. 

All funny aside, I have some major cooking today. My mom doesn't have the time since my sisters kids are there. Thats another story in itself. 

So on my kitchen menu today is a marble cake with chocolate buttercream icing, and cabbage noodles, plus anything else I can think of to bring to my moms house to make it easier on her. We basically "Potluck" it because its so much for one person to do anymore. Hopefully, one of these days I will be hosting.

I hope you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Go around the table and say what you are thankful for!

Now, here is the main reason I am blogging this early. I am swamped with work plus I finished my Granny Ripple Shawl. I made this shawl out of scrap yarn (it matches my bag I just finished) and it took an evening. Its a very easy pattern. I watched a Moogly tutorial to get started. I have come to find out that its easier to watch a video all the way thru first, and then get started. I have learned so much this way.

Well, here it is!

I think it turned out divine. I wish I would of had some yarn to work it up with. Since this was my "stash buster" yarn, I used whatever was left in the yarn basket. Its heavy, just the right length to throw over your shoulders on a chilly day or to just wear for fashion. Crocheted clothes are in, ya know :-)

Please don't pay attention to me. My DH was in bed since I took this at 11:30 last night. Notice how glam I am. LOL
Doesn't it look great? Perfect for jeans.

This might be my new favorite thing for right now. 

Here is the link to the YouTube tutorial I used. It's from Moogly and it's a very good one.

In the next few days I have to make a long trip to the closest place to get yarn. My little one red-light town doesn't have yarn anywhere. Its 30 miles to the closest store. Thats another story. My yarn woes. I am looking to buy out the store this time. I have some major Christmas Crochet to get started on. 

I actually got 4 orders for the little boutique bags in the previous post and several orders for cotton dishcloths. You can't go wrong with dishcloths wrapped in a pretty bow for a present. They dry fast, look good, and work great.

Well, this is it for me today. I will be in the kitchen if anyone needs me. 

Have a blessed Thanksgiving from my table to yours.