Thursday, April 24, 2014

April Showers, Where are the flowers? On Easter Crosses and Ice Cubes!

Good Morning!

I know its been a minute since I have updated but I have a lot of things to share this time. Its almost the end of April and the sun has started peeking through. I have started getting out more, walking of an evening with my BF John. Its nice to fall into bed at night knowing that I have been outside doing something productive instead of inside bored and alone.

I have several pictures I have taken this month I want to show off, I have also tried some recipies and crafts that I want to show you. I have been busy. Sometimes I get on Pinterest just to look to see if I have the items available to make stuff. I love to put in copper wire and see what turns up!

Here is my wreath I made for Easter for my front door. I love wreaths and change mine with the seasons, sometimes I dont even have a reason. 

Here are my Easter Nails. Easter is my favorite time of year. I am no nail tech as you probably tell. I have all the dotting pens, brushes, striping tape, ect. but all the products in the world dont help if all you can draw is stick people and happy faces. Thats why I like Monograms so well. I can make a H or my initals.

The first set of nails are lt blue and I put tips on them. I have active lenght nails. The second picture are of my bunny rabbits. This manicure took me forever. After 6 bottles of paint, stones, and art liner. I am done. Now Easter is over and I have to find something else to do with them. I am not fancy but I love nice nails.

My BF brought me home balls of thin and thick copper wire which will be perfect for bracelets and other jewerly projects I have found on Pinterest. I have no imagination for things but if I see them then I can recreate somewhat. Never with the outcome of the picture I see. Here is a ring my BF made, and a hair pin.

Channel Bobby Pins
Here are some pearl bobby pins I made after seeing a Chanel runway show. The directions are on Pinterest but its very easy. I made 12 with just a little wire and pearls. Make sure you set and wire the pearl on top of the pin so the pearls show when you put them in your hair. Here is a picture of mine in a bun. I used 12 on Easter Sunday and I got loads of compliments on them.

You get the point although some of mine are showing. I had my BF help me on Easter to get them in just right. I forgot to take pictures we were so busy that day. 

I was responsible for our Easter dessert this year. I didnt want some icing laden cake too sweet after a dinner of sweet ham and sweet potatos. So I made a Pineapple UpsideDown Cake and everyone raved about how moist it was. Funny thing is, I dont like pineapples. I didnt eat the cake. Thanks goodness I have a BF who loves to eat and is a voluntary gunnie pig.

Oh...look how stained my stove is. SORRY (embarrassed) Now I have a project to keep me busy today. 

Here is my leftovers from our Easter dinner. I brought home ham. I had fresh potatos so I decided to use a recipe from Cracker Barrell. I love their Hashbrown Casserole and this turned out so good! Best thing is, I had all the ingredients in my pantry and fridge. The picture doesnt look very yummy with all the ingredients same color but it was cheesy, creamy and sooo good!

One more idea before I go, I found some tiny violets in my garden. I picked them and looked on (my fave site) and seen ice cubes with flowers in them. So I decided to try it. Here is the tray. I havent uncubed them yet. I want to wait for my spring party once my backyard gets ready for company.

Its almost May, I wont update till then. We have some big events comming up. My son graduates this spring. He had his graduation pictures yesterday. He got a promotion at work. I am so proud of him. 

I am gonna leave you with one more picture. At the end of my street is a big Methodist Church. On Easter Sunday they had a cross that the congration put flowers on. Its outside and everytime I walk by it, it makes me happy. Its so pretty. Excuse the selfie beside it. :-)

I hope you enjoyed my pics and rambling whoever you are reading this, IF ANY! :-)


(next up, my Listia winnings and auctions. I want to get into that with you)

Monday, April 14, 2014

I don't do mornings (AND HE KNOWS THIS)

Good Morning! I haven't updated in awhile but I have some great things going on. I have a Mary Kay Andrews House Party date set thru my House Party site. If you get a random email from me inviting you to party and your are states away I had to fill my invite list so they would pick me. I got 10 soft copies of the book. If your reading this message me and I'll send you one of them just for reading my blog. Cracks me up, like I think someones gonna read it.

Well, spring is supposed to be here but after a week of warm weather and rain today its supposed to snow. Isn't that something, snow in April. Is anyone going to watch the eclipse tonight?

I think I will be asleep thru this one. I usually try to get out and really look at them thru the binoculars but this one is going to happen to late at night for me to really enjoy it.

Yesterday was the Moose Lodge ramp dinner. Bub (my SO) dug a whole bulging onion sack of ramps. Here are the ramps that we got clean. It took us 3 hrs to clean these.After we got done we had 10 1 gallon bags stuffed full. They sold for $20, bagged and cleaned. They went like hot cakes in a few hours of the afternoon.

The weekend of the 26th is The Feast Of The Rampson 2014 in Richwood WV. If you haven't tried them they are close to a leek or a wild onion. The smaller they are the better I like them but these have "tops" on them. Hard to believe they grow wild here and have put our little one red light town on the map. The woods are full of them. They aren't easy to dig but sure are worth it when you fry them in bacon grease with potato's, eggs and bacon. Make some cornbread and brown beans. YUM! They make great breakfast casseroles too. You can have them pickled, made into salt, eat raw or cooked. Just don't make kissing or work plans. The little buggers stick with ya. Literally. 

Well, I have some news. I don't know how I feel about it. I haven't told anyone because I though it was in Hunters best interest to just let him do it but he hasn't. My son had an open place about the size of a quarter on his spine when he was born. He has a surgery and it closed up. He has had to have a cat scan every year to make sure its all good underneath there. Well, he graduates this year and he had decided he was going to the Navy. He cant now. Dr. Schmidt at CAMC said he could go, then changed his mind. Now my son has no clue what he wants to do and isn't putting that much thought into it. He has a job but I don't want this one little bump in the road to affect the wonderful and prosperous life that is in store for him. You know the kind, "I was going to the Navy but couldn't so I decided to drink the rest of my life instead" He's my son. I want whats best for him. He got a promotion at his job at the new Foodland store in Cragisville. More hours, more responsibility, I am proud of him.

School will be out before long and then my little one can come home. I miss Shane like crazy when he isn't here with me. I think it may get a little tough this summer. He is growing up and his daddy has a mind of his own. Sometimes things just don't go smoothly. Just don't make it so damn hard, how about that?

It's still morning out but its dreary and overcast. I got up in a not so nice mood. Let me ask you something. When your SO, BF, Hubby, ect, whatever, gives you money the night before, falls asleep in the chair and doesn't speak or say goodnight but comes busting in my room (we have separate rooms, he SNORES and to keep from smothering him at night I sleep separate from him) at 8 am (knowing I don't sleep well at night, and sleep very lightly in the a.m) this morning and needs his cash back. Why did you give it to me? Said he asked me to hold it for him until this morning. He did not. That's an excuse because you fibbed to me. (I caught him) I went on my Ebay and Listia last night and said I would mail everything today and now I have no money to do that. He just walked thru the door. Maybe things will look up and he wont make a big fibber out of me after all. Sometimes our lives are not as perfect as Facebook or Pinterest makes them look. All healthy relationships have ups and downs. Its what you those ups and downs that makes a difference. We don'f fight or argue too often but he just rubbed me the wrong way this morning. Sorry to turn this into a post to vent. I didn't mean to put my business out there like that for everyone to read but I think everyone has a relationship like mine. Strong and lasting, just up and down here and there.
Well, I am going to close this out and I'll be sure to update later. My SO and I have to have a long talk. I hope there are no tears. (on his part, lol)

I hope someone fills your day with love & laughter.