Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Spring Barrel Cactus

Good Morning.

I have a quick little project to share with you today.

I won the ebook Vintage Flower Collection from The Philosopher's Wife. I was super excited about this, I love Rachael's blog, and have been linking my work up there every week. There, and Eye <3 Knots who helps host as well! I have been really wanting to crochet a flower garden. I have NOT a green thumb but I CAN crochet beautiful flowers. In the process of looking for crochet flowers with stems, I found an adorable project.

It's a Crochet Barrel Cactus!

Here is mine...
(looking like Willy Wonka made it)

Here is the one I seen online. You can find the pattern on La Casa De Crafts Barrel Cactus

I decided that it was really cute but a little plain for my tastes.
So I got out the rest of the cotton that was left from my crochet wallet and got it on my hook.

Here is the little pot I used. They are about 2.5 inches tall. I found them at our local dollar store at Christmas on clearance. I paid .25 cents for the small ones, and I got the big one for .75 cents. I bought 4 sets in purple, green and yellow. A great deal! So bright for our snowy Christmas. They are perfect for storing things, there isn't a hole in the bottom for plants but they are ceramic so you could drill one if need be.

This little pot is bigger than the one from la casa de crafts.


I just took my I hook and alternated sc row and dc row for 16 rows.
I had a rectangle when laid flat.

This made the little "ridges".

At the end I left a long tail, I got out my darning needle and went in and out with my yarn on the ends. When I pulled the string tight the ends all gathered together. 
I done this on both ends. 

I left a long tail on this end too so I could sew my button on. It looks like the cactus when it is in bloom.

Before I pulled the bottom end tight, I stuffed this colorful cactus with left over Easter Grass! It worked great. 

Then I just pulled everything tight, and popped it into the pot.

I even put a little bow on mine. Its bright, and colorful.

This makes me smile :-)

TA-DAH! Crochet Spring Barrel Cactus!

It's cute, and now I am making 3 more to go in the little pots that I gave out for Christmas gifts. 

We are having our family Easter Dinner and I can fix them then. I will just have to remember to make the phone call to have them brought to dinner!

Make your own Crochet Barrel Cactus :-)


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mom's Meet Review ~Gutsy Chewy

Hi friends!

I wanted to make a quick post about a product I received from Mom's Meet. I belong to their Mom Ambassador Program and their Mom's Meet Bloggers.

I got a survey about my stomach and then a day or 2 later I had 2 12 boxes of GUTSY CHEWY in wildberry and citrus. 

The bottle says its a fast acting oral and digestive supplement. Gluten and Lactose Free. All Natural Ingredients. Including Xylitol. For that queasy, uneasy, refluxy feeling.

This is a product I can try because it deals with an issue I suffer from. My stomach gives me fits. If its not rumbling and grumbling, it has a constant cramp or it's sick

My reflux has me sitting up at night to sleep sometimes. That is, if I go off my diet. I eat Tums, and Rolaids and have been looking for something that works that is natural.

I think this could be it.

I have had a belly ache all afternoon, and I just ate one of these tablets. Thank goodness they are chewable or they can dissolve in your mouth. They come in a tube container and they are about the size of a quarter.

I popped it in my mouth and let it dissolve. The taste of the wildberry is good. Like grapes, I liked it. I bit a piece off the citrus and it seemed like it was good as well, although I am not a fan of anything orange tasting. 

My stomach has let up some. This product took the air off my belly. 
Better OUT than IN! (my daddy says that, <3)

It also made my breath fresh. That's a plus.

Here is some info...

For bloating relief and gas relief, try the all natural digestive aid:

All natural Gutsy Chewy relieves heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion, GERD and similar symptoms.
Get relief from: heartburn | bloating | gas | indigestion | nausea

  • Invented by a gastroenterologist and dentist
  • All natural ingredients
  • Effective and safe
  • Made in the USA

 I can tell you that everything it says, it does. It helped my stomach and if you are suffering from acid reflux and like me are looking for a non medicine option this could be it for you.

I have handed out a few bottles of the Gutsy Chewy and I have gotten good feedback. My dad was the first one to try it out. He suffers from ulcers, acid reflux, food, ect. He said it calmed his queasy stomach. It runs in my family.

So, do your own research, make your own decisions and look at GUTSY CHEWY as a healthier alternative.

Here is the coupon I got along with the product. Not a bad deal. Thanks, GUTSY CHEWY!

Thank YOU for hanging out here for a few!

It's appreciated :-) 


I have been on a lucky streak!

Hi, my friends. 

As I teased you with last post, I have had a few pretty awesome things happen to me lately and it's all because I am involved with the other bloggers here on Bloglovin. 

I love the giveaways that bloggers post. I have even jumped on the bandwagon myself and I am satisfied so far...

I always make sure when I look at other people pictures they submit on link love, or even when I am reading a blog in general, that I comment and go to their blog for a follow or share. It's polite and I love it when the favor gets returned. We need to share each others hard work. Be supportive! Plus, it's nice to know that you have readers that stop by to say hello. It's how we get ourselves out there as well. We are one big circle here on Bloglovin and the opportunities to advertise your blog and on others are available. 

I was visiting a blog the other day and they had a giveaway. The blog was 

It's a KIY Beanie kit from Cleckheaton. It included the gift bag, my yarn in color combo burnt orange/iceburg, and a pattern to kit or crochet. Isn't that wonderful! The yarn included in the package is Superfine Merino and I am absolutely over the mood with happiness. I have never gotten to work with anything so fine. I can only afford to work with the best value yarns because of my budget. I dream at night of those fancy hanks, hand died, colors of candy or the ocean. Yarns WAY out of my budget at 10+ dollars a skein. A girl can dream of those delicious yarns, can's she?

I do, and I won!

I enter all the yarn contests I can find. I don't like to put the extra cost on my budget and feel like I am taking from something really needed or that could be saved for a rainy day. I figure I have as good as chance as any. I was just telling my Bub that I had entered every #NatCroMo Giveaway that Crochetville had and I still haven't won any yarn.

I just wanted to thank Tanya at LITTLE THINGS BLOGGED and Cleckheaton (watch this, it shows their process and their gorgeous sheep!) for a wonderful prize. 

I appreciate it so much. This is my first time with a yarn that's special. I want so much to by a pretty hank of delicious yarn. I just can't afford it, I would love, love, love, to blog about a skein that was donated to me. I am going to look into crocheting for a charity. There are many of them but I want to make sure the cause is something I feel strongly about.

If you support a crochet charity I would love to know the name. I am very interested in this. 


Yesterday must have been the day for yarn. I also logged on to Craftsy because they were having this huge yarn sale. 

I needed some cotton yarn. Our Walmart does not stock enough yarn, much less something as simple of cotton. Don't get me started on Walmart's yarn. There is absolutely NOWHERE to buy yarn unless I go a couple hours away. I live in a beautiful small town nestled in forests and mountains but it is FAR away from anything artsy related. So my yarn choices are not good unless I order online. 

I don't know about you, but I cant pass up a good sale. Especially if it puts my yarn at less than $2 a skein. That is how good of a deal I got. I got about 15 skeins/balls. I bought with my focus on "more for my money" so I bought yardage and then color. 

Thankfully, once I put my order in all my chosen colors were available but for a select few. I got a few skeins of SCHACHENMAYR Bravo Yarns, I hope it will work for me. I also got a few skeins of UNIVERSAL CLASSIC worsted weight yarn, some LION'S BRAND KITCHEN COTTON.

I got my total and I had a few dollars left. Since this was earmarked "yarn money" I went ahead and bought myself something really pretty that I have also never worked with. They don't sell Vanna anything near me so I bought this...

Isn't it really pretty? Anyone have any comments on how I should use this? Or what kind of item this yarn makes best? I have never used it but I love the shimmer in it and the color is neutral. It's totally me. Maybe a cute tank top for spring? I got 2 balls of it. 

I very seldom make myself anything but I want to make something for spring. Something to forget winter and all the cold, snowy weather. 

All in all I got 15  skeins of yarn for less than $30, shipping was $6.99. That's less than $2 a skein! So happy! I will be watching my mail for all the delicious new yarn!

On to a few more things...

I won another contest and this one is something that I was really excited about too. I won a $60 prize package from THE LUCK OF THE IRISH GIVEAWAY and from PERFECTLY IRRESISTIBLE for a redo of my blog. Header, sidebars, template, THE WHOLE SHEBANG!! A new about me, a new pic. It's really exciting! I really need the help to make this little section of my heart as good as it can be and I take all suggestions and help offered. 
I get to chose a special template from blogger.com and also have Joyce help me make it more streamlined and better for you.

I was super excited. Check out Perfectly Irresistible. Joyce has some really good portfolios. She has them for word press too. If you read down she makes a post about using icons in your blog posts and on your blog. There is a law now, and she will not put that certain logo or any on your page. It's an infringement somehow. If you want to know more look HERE. It is an old post but I found it helpful.

One more thing, 

I won another of The Luck of the Irish Giveaway's too! 

SIMPLE WYRDINGS is the site that I won A PACKABLE FOLDING PAIL and $5.oo in Paypal cash. Anytime I win cash, I love it. Hey, and extra $5.oo pays for a subscription to Happily Hooked magazine, or a paid pattern from RAVELRY.

All in all I had a lucky streak in March. I am Irish, my children are red heads. :-) My youngest sons birthday was this month. 

Maybe I should have played the lottery?
HA! I don't have time. I am entering too many contests for yarn! My Bub would agree. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. People really do win, and when you say, "I never win anything" think of this little post. I did! AND 3 times! Woot-Woot!

Thanks for hanging out with me today. 

I love to talk, leave me a comment, I will respond! I know EVERYONE in this little town, I want to meet new folks!

Come On In!

Happy Hookin!

A Bag Dilemma, Sock Bun & Earings

Good Afternoon, my friends,
I hope you are having a nice Sunday. It is dreary here, and we had snow yesterday but it's melted now. I am so glad our temperatures are supposed to be warmer in the next week. Night before last I got cold, and last night it was 18 degrees here in one-redlight WV.

I have a few things I want to share with you today. 

A good friend of mine gave me a bunch of ear ring hoops and I decided to see if I could get out the crochet thread and my tiny steel hooks and see if I could make something pretty out of them.

and started there. I made a really pretty pair but I cant show them to you yet. They just got delivered and I haven't talked to that person yet. When I do I will have a big post about it, it's pretty special!
Here is the pair I made out of regular acrylic ww yarn.

This is just a slip stitch and single crochet around. One round.
I did use a dot of clear nail polish to make sure that end ends stayed where I put them. This project only took a half hr or so. Even the fancier ones I made in an hour.

Every pair I have made have turned out lovely. I made fancier ones, but that's for another day :-)

Here is another project I was working on. I was at our local dollar store and was in the "As Seen On TV" aisle. They had something called "HOT BUNS". I swear that is the name. Anyway, my hair is long and I keep it in a ponytail constantly. I am really a short hair person but my partner doesn't like it short (men love Barbie hair) but what man does, really?
So I picked up the box and started reading. I came home, jumped on the computer and put Google to work. That's when I found something called "SOCK BUN"

Ok, I read all that and thought (as every crocheter would), "I can crochet that!" So once again I went searching and found this "CROCHET SOCK BUN" on Crochet Dynamite's site. 

I got out my hooks and yarn and went to work. 

Just 16 rows of Double Crochet

Here is the flat dc piece all rolled up and whip stitched together.

Here it is once I sewed the ends of the crochet log together.


Here it is on my hair. I didn't roll it up because I need help keeping my short pieces in (you can see them sticking out). I have grown out my bangs and I have long layers that are almost gone, but not enough to not have to bobby pin them in place.

That is another good thing about making it in yarn. The bobby pins slide right through it and have something to adhere to besides slick hair.

So, the project saved me $10 bucks and it works just as good, if not better. One word of advice though. Make it in the yarn that your hair will fit around. Example, if your hair is thin and shorter, then use a fingerling weight and just make more rows so your crochet log will have some weight to it. 

This was a fun project for me.

Now, for my dilemma. I posted a facebook picture asking which bag my friends thought I should make out of this Red Heart Lagoon I got on sale at Walmart my last yarn trip. 
My girlfriend Callie, said she loved one of the bags and she would buy it if I would make it for her.
Sure! What an opportunity!

I got out my yarn. Started on the 17 crochet solid granny squares. No problem. That's easy.

I got the inspiration picture out of the bag.

It's pretty right, I love the style of it. That's why I chose it.

This is the bag pattern I used. You can see on the picture that it has all the styles for how ever many squares you chose to make.

Here is what I ended up with when I sewed mine together...

See my problem?
Apparently my inspiration bag is not on this picture...
Does this bag look ANYTHING the one above?

Be honest, I know it doesn't. This bag looks exactly like my first ever crochet project bag.

I love this bag. Notice you can see where I whip stitched it together. I didn't know about an invisible seam then. lol In my header I am wearing the shawl that matches this bag pattern. Yes, this was the first thing I made when I picked up a crochet hook. WHO picks a bag for their first project? You can see this FINALLY FINISHED! post all about my adventures making the bag. I adore it still.

As I was going I kept getting this severe dislike of this bag. The shape was all wrong. I knew the color would work if I could make it work.

I got to really looking at the shape on the inspiration photo and noticed that if I took out a couple side squares my bag would have the shape of the inspiration. So, I removed the little pointy ends you see in the bag when it is put together in the bottom photo.

Plus, as my partner not so subtly pointed out, there were "ridges". He thought the bag was inside out at this point. I had to try and reassure him it would be FINE, it was CUTE, but all along I knew it was NOT what this yarn was meant to be. So you see in the picture that I took out the bottom sides of the bag.

Here it is now once I pulled it all out and started over. Yes, I just couldn't leave it like that. I want to make things I am proud of all the way around.

So, I have started over with an invisible join to satisfy myself and Bub.

I think this time it is going to turn out lovely. I have the handles made, and I know the right placement of the squares this time.

I will update with the bag as soon as it's done.

It's my "Quiet Sunday Project"
 and I have named it the #CallieBag.

I hope the rest of your Sunday is beautiful and you get to spend it what you love doing most!

Happy Hookin!

P.s...My next crochet post is about my lucky streak...I won something awesome and I HAVE to share!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Whats On My Hook, Issuu and a Winner!

Good Afternoon, my friends!

I think spring has finally come. Our weather report here in WV is calling for a little snow, but we always have an Easter snow here. I am so ready for spring.

I have been looking for summer crochet patterns. I am so ready to leave cowls, mitts and hats alone. 

I am bored with it!

I did find a great site for crochet magazines. Its called Issuu and you can follow people who have uploaded crochet magazines and collect them yourself. Its a sharing website and I love it. Check it out for yourself. Its better than having to pay a fortune for magazines. You can save them, and its read like any other magazine online. You can even see all the patterns in the magazines. 

Back to why I am here :-)

I did pick a winner for the crochet hook case. The winner has 24 hrs to reply and if she does not, then I will contact the next person in line. I wish more of you would have entered. No one needs a new crochet hook case?
Bummer. One is never enough!

Anyway, congratulations to my winner and new follower!

I am waiting anxiously for your mailing address. I think you will happy with your gift :-)

Last post I teased you with "whats on my hook".

I am going to show you the bag I made in just a day.

I just realized that it looks like an Easter Egg. How fitting for a spring post with Easter just around the corner.

Its just a regular market bag. 

Any pattern from the web will work.

I used stash yarn. I am not into pink and green but it turned out way cuter than I expected.

It has tons of room and the strap is just the right length. It was just made in the round for the bottom and DC in the spaces. It was super simple and took no time at all. 

I plan to whip out several in cotton and solid colors. This was the tester bag for me. I always make one first, just too see if my crochet is up to par.

Here is my bag...

This is the first time I have crocheted something in the round and it actually turned out ROUND!!!
That's 99 stitches :-)

The green is actually a really pretty med green. Its complimentary to the pink and the colors in the stripe.

This was my first attempt at a market bag.

I think it was successful!
What do you think?

Leave me a comment!

Ok, here is my WIP. (work in progress)

Its just a regular granny solid square and a regular pattern for the bag. More like a hobo bag, this time.

I am calling it my #CallieBag because the person who is purchasing it is named Callie. How genius is that! ;-) I am not sure about pricing. I need to so some research on this. I got an Etsy store and I am working hard on stock. I will let you know when its up and running. I would appreciate a visit, I will visit you as well. I always follow and share if I can. 

I am still sewing squares together. I will be done with this by tonight. The only thing left to crochet is the handles.

I hope I have enough yarn. I swear that's my life story. I had to sew them together with crochet thread, for an invisible join and so I wouldn't use the rest of my yarn put aside for the bag handles.

I wouldn't stress it so much but our local Walmart does not carry this Red Heart Super Saver in Lagoon. I got it in an end aisle, on clearance for $2.00. That's not a bad price but there was only 2 skeins. 
I think I will have enough. Fingers Crossed.

This was just a quick update to show you what I am working on. I will post the bag once I get it done. 
Everyone has something they love to crochet, I love to make bags, I think....lol

Have a great rest of the day!

Happy Hookin!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ultimate Crochet Hook Kit Review & Something Special

Good Morning, my friends! I hope this morning your sun is shining and the birds woke you up.

I am super excited to bring you this review today!

DISCLAIMER: I got the product to review. Just the product. I was not paid for my ideas, comments, or opinions.  

This review is for Tender Heart Shop. They are a crochet shop with LOTS to chose from. 

I seen the campaign, and decided since I write and crochet that this would be an awesome product for me to review. I didn't have enough followers, so I had to write an appeal to be let in and it worked!

Thankfully, Tender Heart Shop decided to invite me.

This is what I signed up for...

The Ultimate Crochet Hook Kit

This is a 35+ set and it comes with everything included. 

It's really nice, isn't it.

Well, after I got in the campaign I got the "its in the mail" email.

When it finally got here (shipped from Amazon.com) I was super excited but something about the package seemed strange. It was bending. Once I got into the house, I realized what was wrong. It was THIS...

It was EMPTY! Not one hook or marker! I was so disappointed because I felt like this was MY campaign. Like, I was meant to review this. What a bummer.

I notified Tender Heart Shop and told them, and they said Amazon screwed up. This is NOT the first time Amazon has screwed up my order. 

The nice people at Tender Heart Shop said I could keep the empty case, and another full one would be on its way in 2 days. It came yesterday, Fed Ex.

Here is what I got...

WOW!!! It has hooks from 2mm-8mm. It came with 12 aluminum hooks. They aren't market with A, B, C, D, ect... Just the number size. 

The big hooks...

Smaller hooks...

All of them, aren't they pretty all in a row?

My whole kit...

Here are a few of the other items in the kit. It came with everything a crocheter needs. I love this case, its so portable.

The kit came with the case, hooks, darning needles, fold up scissors, measuring tape, 2 pins to hold your stitches, a stitch counter, a gauge counter, a bunch of stitch markers. Over 35+ items in this Ultimate Crochet Hook Kit from Tender Heart Shop.

Here are the pictures of the items inside the hook kit...

Plastic Darning Needles

The pins for your stitches.

The folding scissors, they came in a little plastic bag that the lid folds down into so they don't have to be loose in the kit. OUCH!

Measuring Tape

The stitch markers. I liked these. The ones I have don't lock. These will stay on forever. I was excited about these, I use my stitch markers a lot.

Here is the little stitch counter. I have never used one before, but I get lost counting and this could come in handy if I don't forget to use it like I forget to count.

I want to give you the links to Tender Hearts Shop. They have a link for everything. I follow them everywhere and on everything! I don't want to miss a thing!

Here is what Amazon has to say about the Ultimate Crochet Hook Kit.

ULTIMATE CROCHET KIT with Crochet Hook Set, Great for Beginners, Fanatics and Newbies Just Learning - This Crochet Hook Set and Kit Includes a Crochet Hook Set, Stitch Markers, Scissors, Yarn Needles, Measuring Tape, Safety Pins, Ruler, Gauge Measure and Row Counter. Everything you need to Crochet your perfect pattern. (Grey Chevron Pattern)

Sale:$25.95 FREE Shipping on orders over $35. Details
You S
$29.04 (53%)

  • A FANTASTIC GIFT! --This all-in-one kit would make a perfect gift for anyone who is learning to crochet, a beginner just starting out, or a seasoned crocheter on the go. This crochet kit makes an ideal gift for any craft lover; we wouldn't blame you if you kept it for yourself!
  • THE COMPLETE CROCHET HOOK KIT -- Store your crochet hooks in this custom designed premium fabric case. The magnetic closure holds the case securely in place and prevents the crochet needles from falling out. The Tender Heart crochet case holds 12 hooks of various sizes in the slots and has a flap to protect the hooks from falling out or catching on anything. The tri-fold case is great for travel and crochet on the go.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THIS KIT? (35 Items!) -- 12 Color Coded Smooth Crochet Hooks (2.0mm - 8.0mm), 2 Aluminum Stitch Holders (3.5in, 4.5in), 10 Stitch Markers, 6 Crochet Yarn Needles (9cm, 7cm), 1 Row Counter (2.2cm), 1 Soft Flexible Measuring Tape, 1 Knitting Needle Gauge and Ruler, 1 Pair of Folding Scissors, 1 Custom Designed Premium Design Case
  • WHAT MAKES THIS CROCHET HOOK KIT DIFFERENT? -- This is a premium quality crochet hook set made from the highest quality aluminum and brightly colored handles to help identify yarn needle sizes quickly. The complete all-in-one set comes in a custom designed case with a designated place to store each of the tools.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE -- We hope that you will love this crochet kit, however if you're unsatisfied with this product for any reason, please just let us know and we will refund your purchase.

Now, isn't that a good deal. 

You cant beat it for the price.

I loved the tri-fold hook case. Since I have 2 I kept the yellow. Its my favorite color. Its padded, and it has a snap that opens and closes easily. Its a big snap so don't worry about it pulling off or anything. The hook case is sectioned off. It has room for 12 hooks, plus the big space in the middle to put everything else. There is room for a couple skinny hooks in each space if you chose to store them that way.

My case...

The "extra" case...I think I am going to give this one away!

Opened and laid out so you can see....

See where your hooks go, and the big space in the middle. It even has the cover that goes down over top of your hooks. Plus, that's all my goodies.

Opened up so you can see the snap and the back.

I really think they are a very nice case and all the items that came with it seem to be of good quality. 

Since I am new to crochet, I sure could use this case and the 35+ extras that came with it.

I have never used a stitch counter, but now I have one to try out!

Here are Tender Heart Shop's cards...

Aren't they pretty? All of the information you need are on the cards. 

I made sure to put every link they have so you can do your research and figure out if Tender Hearts Ultimate Crochet Kit is for you.

I loved mine. 

I know you will too.

I plan to do my first YouTube video about the Ultimate Crochet Hook Kit from Tender Heart Shop. I am working on it now and will add it when I am done. I wanted to get this out today so all of you can order your own. 

If you are new to crochet like I am, you are going to love this case and all the goodies that are included.

Sometimes when we start out we don't have all those little things we don't know we need. 

Sometime, some day you will use everything included in this kit. Plus, they have a 100% money back guarantee, buy this Ultimate Crochet Hook Kit with confidence.

It would also make a great gift for a new crocheter or someone who has been doing it a long time. 

I love mine, I know you will love it too.

Now for the fun stuff!

Since Tender Heart Shop was so nice and let me keep the extra case I decided to give it away to one of my readers.

If you comment and let me know why you need a new case, I will chose a random winner from the comments. I will choose a winner by tomorrow morning. I want to get it mailed out quickly because I know someone is going to need it!

Please leave me your name and your email so I can contact you if I choose you to be the winner. 

Answer this question...
How long have you been crocheting?

The case will be shipped with tracking so we both can know where the mailman is with your crochet goodies.

I may even add a few extras to the kit.

So, that's it for today's review. Did you love it? Are you interested in the Ultimate Crochet Hook Kit? I LOVE mine. Get one for yourself, and as a gift. Its a perfect present for young and old.

This is my favorite review yet, I guess its because crochet is something I am passionate about and I hope I can continue to help Tender Heart Shop with reviewing for them more often. I would love to do it every time they have a campaign listed. 

I love to blog about crochet. I wish I could put ALL crochet reviews, but sadly, I cant get into everything.

I hope this review today finds you well.

Please, don't forget to leave your email so I can contact you. Remember to answer the question!

Happy Spring!

Please share, that's why we write and review! Thank You!

Another one completed, and I loved this product!

Happy Hookin!

P.S. I will have a "whats on my hook" post later for you today! Your gonna love it :-)