Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I joined the Blogger Basket Swap! #BBSwap

Good Morning! It's really early, but it seems to me I can not get adjusted to the time change. I love it getting light later, but I am getting up in the dark! 

My post today is not about crochet, well kinda....but not really.

I wanted to share a great idea with you. 

Not long ago I was browsing my blogs and came across RE*SOLVE by Bekah Walsh. You can find her on Bloglovin.

She has a great blog, and very useful and informative.

Here is her link....

Her idea was to get all of us bloggers to meet each other with a swap! I got my partner to send to, and I got another partner to send to me. 

Here is Bekah's other partner who is helping her host...

It's a big blogger gift swap, we answered questions and try to figure out the best things to send to our new friends. Now, its up to the sender or how you answer the questions to see what is going to come in your goodie box. Here are my partners.

Her name is Angie, and I am getting her box ready now!

I am receiving from  Mary. 
I wonder what my gift from her will include? Mary is musical and it's Easter :-)

Its nice because we write different blogs. Our getting to talk and email lets us get to know each other and get familiar with each others blogs.

There is a $10 limit on the #BBSwap and that is a reasonable price.

Getting to know our fellow bloggers is how we get ourselves and our blogs out there.

If you are interested in this post, go to Bekah's blog at Re*Solve.

Here is the direct link for the Basket Swap Post...

I just wanted to say Thanks and I cant wait to get to know my partners a little better. It took me a minute to get caught up and I wrote a crazy email to Mary but I think its all under control now. Mary probably thought I was a nut!

This is such a great idea!
I appreciate the time and effort it took!
I will be back later with a few crochet posts (I cant show you what I have on my hook now because maybe my partner will be snooping, lol)

I also have a review coming up on Custom Labels for pregnant ladies and their baby books or however they want to use them. They are pretty, usable, and many ideas popped into my head when I seen them. They are the size of a grapefruit. :-)

(sneak peak)

More from me later,


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