Monday, August 18, 2014

Its been awhile but summer is ending...

Good Morning! I know I havent been the best about updating but we have had a full summer here in the Monongahelia National Forest. My son graduated, my granfather has been thru cancer treatment, we had our annual reunion and festival in our little one red light town. Its been a busy summer and I hate to see it go although I love fall. Our kids have already went to school here, its starting earlier and earlier every year. My oldest son graduated this year, and since the doctors have put the skids to his Navy plan, he is working at our new Foodland. He is doing real well, and we are really proud of him. 

I want to add a few pictures to this blog but the main reason I am writing today is that I am BLOGGING FOR BOOKS!
This means that I get new books and get to read them and blog. I love to read. Its pouring the rain outside so I figured today would be a great day to try and finish one and get started on another. Here is what I am reading...

These 2 signs are the people who send me my free books. Read It Forward gives you the opportunity to win a free book every month. I have won a few in the past year or so. Klout is something new for me. They send me free books as well, I am just now figuring it out. Once I do I will update more. Here are the covers.

This is what I am reading now, MOTHER, MOTHER by Koren Zailckas, its really good and I will blog and update about it as soon as I finish it. Today I hope! Its raining outside, perfect for a cup of tea and a book marathon.

Here is the second one on my list, its by Taylor Stevens, THE CATCH.

This is the last one, WHAT I WAS DOING WHILE YOU WERE BREEDING, A MEMOIR by Kristin Newman.

I know its not a lot of info but once I get done with the first one I will know more on how to write about it. This MOTHER, MOTHER is really good and scary so far. 

Thanks for hanging out with me for awhile and Ill let you know what I think of them as soon as I get done. I hope to do this often. I love to read and hope to pass my love of books on to others. Reading just takes you places you will never get to go, experience things you may never get to see, I just get lost in the characters and what they are doing. I may be out of commission all day today.