Monday, February 29, 2016

Gotta love Downton Abbey Yarn!

Good Night! Yes, its 3 am but I cant sleep and this works for me.

I wanted to share the yarn gift I got from a very special friend.

This came in 3 50g balls, its so soft and lovely

Isnt the Downton Abbey yarn in Lady Mary. Its a lovely grey/silver. I have 3 balls of it to make a lacy summer top.

This color is Matthew, I love it too.

I was just telling my SO that I needed to buy some of this yarn and ill b darned if I didnt get it from my dr friend. I was super stoked.

She got me this One-Skein wonder. Book By Judith Durant and Edie Eckman

She also sent me 3 Susan Bates Bamboo hooks. I love these. The bamboo on them really hold your grip. Now I have reason to get out the chunky yarn and start on a whole set now :-)

This elann is tweedy and I have 5 balls so I have enough to make a whole wearable piece.

Thats a quick bracelet just to see how the yarn draped and worked up. I love it.

All in all this was a great gift and an expensive too. I have been wanting that Downton Abbey yarn bad. Now I am so happy!

I have a few patterns picked out but I need to finish my fat bottom bag, and my heating cover is almost finished. 

Sorry its so dark but my camera is not agreeing with me. You can see them better and more of my work on Instagram. Krystlewvscrochet

Just showing off my new lovely yarn. I want to get it out right out and work with it but it has to have a special pattern. I'm gonna try something now. 

Thanks for sharing with me today. I will update soon, just not at 3 am. I have no clue how I ended up doing this in the middle of the night, woke up from a deep sleep, and probably sleep eating. 

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Hookin!
What are your WIP's?


Sunday, February 21, 2016

My bag is done! Hip Squares Beach Tote!

Good Evening, my friends!

I am a little under the weather although it was 60 degrees here in West Virginia yesterday, today it's rainy and yucky.

I just had chemo a few days ago and I am not up to my usual self.

Please forgive me if this post is lacking.

I just wanted to share with you.

As most of you know I have been working on the Hip Squares Beach Tote from

This was the best bag I have ever made. I am super proud of it. Although her's is made in cotton, and mine is acrylic there is hardly no difference that I can tell. I made mine in the trusty Red Heart Super Saver in Artist.

This pattern went super fast, and it's easy to understand. 

I can't wait to carry this bag.

Have a look!

Ohhh, isn't it lovely....

It's in shades of gray and a hint of gray/purple. 

There is a nice drawstring that just goes in and out of the holes I made.

It adjusts well, closes up nice, and I did not line it although it could have but I don't think it matters. Nothing I have but an ink pen would come out of them and I am sure not going to let a stray ink pen destroy all my work this past week!

This bag has a nice handle too. Its wide enough that it does not dig into your shoulder and its sturdy enough to hold the weight of the bag.

It turned out so well. 

Why don't you try and make this pattern. You will be super surprised, and it would make a great gift. 

What do ya think?

Thanks for being here today.

Sorry so short but my health just wont let me today.

Keep Hookin! 


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Just a little update....


A warm welcome!

I have a few things to share today. Some crocheting, some not. 

I recently put a call out to all my friends and followers, and they returned the love with balls of lovely yarn. 
Nothing better than getting yarn in the mail as a surprise and I still have a few coming.

I got this from my friend Roni, she came to see me while I was in the hospital when I first got diagnosed. We went to highschool together. Isnt it great when a friendship lasts 20+ years?

I ADORE Roni and her big heart.

These little balls of yarn are so yummy. I have a t-shirt I want to make and these little skeins will make the color changes easy and I won't have to figure out what looks best together. I think there are 24 little skeins of yarn. They don't have a weight but they are acrylic and I would say about 25-30g balls. This selection was from MIRA HANDCRAFTS.

The next little package from Roni was the little balls of sparkly yarn from BOMBONS.

I love the little sparkles. I have no clue what to do with these but I can picture them as an edging or a sparkly stripe here and there to brighten up a pattern.

So many pretty colors, I especially love the purple, navy and the bronzy one at the very top left.

Such a nice gift!

Since it's Valentine's Day this weekend I will show you the garland I whipped up in Sugar and Cream cotton. Its simple hearts and I joined together as I went.

Its fairly long, there are about 15-20 hearts.

I just strung them on my little tree for pictures sake. I am going to hang them on my poster bed as I szush up my bedroom for our Valentine's Day. 

I am still working on the HIP SQUARES BEACH TOTE from THE STITCHIN MOMMY

It's really getting there and I can tell what it's going to look like now and I love it so far. I am about 40 rows into it, more than halfway if you don't count the strap. I made mine from acrylic, and her's is made from cotton but it's still turning out great. I have a feeling this is going to be one of my favorite bags I have made, and I have made a lot of bag. I think they are my favorite to work on. (my previous posts discuss this bag)

I have been slowly whip stitching my way thru all the flowers that go on my "Grandma's Garden" donated afghan. It's not hard. Just time consuming. It's going to be heavy and warm. Plus, the colors are bright like spring. I will love it when its done. I just cant get into it because its someone elses work. I think thats it, Im still not sure.

This is how it's progressing, and the last picture is a finished garden that a nice person sent me to help when I was looking for the crocheted version of the quilt.

I would have chose a different color of edging, and I still might add one. I just don't know if I have the Umph to do it.

Just one more thing to show you. I think it's awesome, and although I don't knit very well or often (I am totally a beginner) I would hang this in my house in a second. I LOOOOOVE it!

I just think it's original and everyone should have one. I have no clue where it came from. I came across it in a flickr photo, or a search. 

I just think its too neat for words. I may try to find the seller, I love it that much. Notice how many time I said "love", it must be because Valentine's Day is tomorrow!

I have a few romantic plans for tomorrow. 

It's best not to discuss that here ;-)

I also had something great come in the mail.

A WIG! It's cold here in WV and there are several websites that offer free wigs and I found 2 that are very legit.

This is the wig that came. 

It's really cute, blunt and layered and pretty close to my natural hair color as far as I know. It's been 20+ years since I have seen my natural color. The bangs need a little trim but all in all it looks great on and now I have a choice between rocking the bald look and looking professional if I have too.

Isn't the back gorgeous?

This wig free for cancer patients came from They will take your diagnosis papers in an attachment in an email. That's all they ask for. It was super easy.
The website has some problems but the email works fine. It only took 3-4 days to get it.

Another legit free wig site for cancer patients is called They have a phone interview with you, it's that easy!

So a little crochet, a little art and a little info for you today.

I hope all of you have a special day tomorrow with your loved ones.

Have a great day!


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Emma's Name Bunting and a WIP

Hello! I am glad you stopped by to visit!

I have a few things to share with you today. 

First off I am going to start with the project I just finished.

This is a bunting with my niece's name.

It's just a simple triangle in dc, with a sc border to attach them together.

Surface crochet is how I made the letters.

I plan to add little pom-poms at the beginning and end.

Almost finished! It turned out really cute once I got the spacing of the letters to match. It's harder than it looks. This is the first time I have ever done surface crochet. It was fairly easy once I got the hang of it.

The pattern came from Pink Milk.

It's an easy tutorial. I took part of hers and added my flair.

Next on the list is the WIP I am working on.

This crochet blanket was a gift to me in pieces. It came in a huge see through plastic garbage bag. It was basically all made, just not put together. I cant imagine making all these flowers and hexys and not putting them together. 

I couldn't find the pattern anywhere. I did find a quilt in the same pattern and was going to go by that but I decided to ask on the blog and ravelry to see if anyone knew what the crochet pattern was called. To my surprise I got several responses. I finally found the pattern. This is the picture of the blanket made (not mine).

It's really pretty although my colors are different.

Here is another look....

I think it's beautiful.

Here are my bits and pieces.

This is what I have put together so far. 

Now I have to attach the white hexy's to the flowers.

Whoever started this blanket made all the flowers in random colors. I have 12 more flowers with 12 white hexy's around. All the flowers have yellow centers.

I have a lot of whip stitching to do. 

I have a queen sized bed and its going to cover it nicely.

Its thick and is going to be very warm.

I wish I knew who started it so I could say thank you!

I have one more thing to share with you today.

Its not crochet but its so darn cute I had to show you.

Her name is Jezzy...

and I don't know how she went to sleep like this but she did.

Isn't she cute. She is my partner in yarny things. She thinks she is helping.

I am still working on the sampler blanket. I have 8 squares now. Only 12 more to go!

This is just a quick post to share with you today.

I hope you liked all I have going on.

It's hard to concentrate when I have chemo, and all the things that go along with cancer but I am doing it slowly and I am proud that I got all my other WIP'S done.

What's on your hook?

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

I read and answer all comments! I enjoy hearing from you.