Sunday, February 21, 2016

My bag is done! Hip Squares Beach Tote!

Good Evening, my friends!

I am a little under the weather although it was 60 degrees here in West Virginia yesterday, today it's rainy and yucky.

I just had chemo a few days ago and I am not up to my usual self.

Please forgive me if this post is lacking.

I just wanted to share with you.

As most of you know I have been working on the Hip Squares Beach Tote from

This was the best bag I have ever made. I am super proud of it. Although her's is made in cotton, and mine is acrylic there is hardly no difference that I can tell. I made mine in the trusty Red Heart Super Saver in Artist.

This pattern went super fast, and it's easy to understand. 

I can't wait to carry this bag.

Have a look!

Ohhh, isn't it lovely....

It's in shades of gray and a hint of gray/purple. 

There is a nice drawstring that just goes in and out of the holes I made.

It adjusts well, closes up nice, and I did not line it although it could have but I don't think it matters. Nothing I have but an ink pen would come out of them and I am sure not going to let a stray ink pen destroy all my work this past week!

This bag has a nice handle too. Its wide enough that it does not dig into your shoulder and its sturdy enough to hold the weight of the bag.

It turned out so well. 

Why don't you try and make this pattern. You will be super surprised, and it would make a great gift. 

What do ya think?

Thanks for being here today.

Sorry so short but my health just wont let me today.

Keep Hookin! 


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