Sunday, June 5, 2011

Don't get your panties in a bunch....

I let my temper get the best of me most of the time. Just like this morning. I left Bub in bed so I could go to church with the family. Well, I kissed him goodbye and told him to please be out of bed by the time I got home. Since church was over about 12:30 I figured that he would be up and waiting since it's its gorgeous outside. NOPE. When I walk in the house is dark and quiet and there is some snoring going on. I immediately get mad and stomp out, slamming the door behind me for good measure.
He jumps up and acts like I am disturbing him. He's is lucky I just slammed the door. I could have opened the shades, turned the T.V. on full blast and snatched his blankets off of him but I didn't, although he deserved it.
He immediately got an attitude and although I got pissed off immediately I let it go and went to the office to get my paperwork in order. 
I keep asking myself if I deserved his attitude or not and now that I look at it a different way I know why he got mad but he didn't have to be an ass about it. So now he is upstairs awake but it does no good if I am here. It takes me a bit to get over my mad spell but he is a grown man and there is no reason he cant drag himself out of bed. It makes me raging mad to see him act so lazy. Do I ever get to sleep in? NOPE.
That's the way I am going to handle this. He got to sleep in till noon today, tomorrow is my turn. NOT!
Some of us have to work, which is another whole blog in itself!
Just venting, that way I don't take it to heart.

SOS's! It's Sunday!

     First things first, this is just some random rambling that I do. I believe that this keeps me from killing people and sticking my foot in my mouth. Writing is some kind of therapy for me and hopefully I can keep this up so my stress level goes down. We shall see....

     After being woke up last night with a severe thunderstorm I didn't think that I would be so chipper this morning. I started the morning out trying to fit my size medium body into a size small dress. Why wont I fit? I kept asking myself. Then my boyfriend pipes up and says, "honey, your ass is too big". Now, this is something that no woman wants to hear ANYTIME. Needless to say I took off the dress and put pants on so my apparent GYNORMOUS ass wont show. I don't know if I should laugh or cry....

     Well, after all that time getting dressed and putting my face on my parents and grandparents decided that they aren't going to church so I went through all this hassle for nothing, well, not for nothing because now I am aware that my boyfriend thinks I have a huge ass.

     Bub is still in bed. We were having communion at church and a dinner but he wouldn't go. I think I scared him off with the whole communion thing. Something about the blood and body of Christ that he wasn't into.

     It's still early and its so nice out. Hopefully this Sunday will be one of sunshine and music. One can always hope.

     Well, my therapy worked today.
     I feel much better.
     Now, if my boobs weren't falling off I would be gravy....

The boobs are another story......
     Love and laughter,