Saturday, March 21, 2015

Come On In! Get to know me...

 Good Morning!
I thought that I would talk a little this morning. Let you get to know me and the parts that make up my heart.

This little cat is Jezzebelle. She loves yarn. The best thing I done for both of us in 2014 is learn to crochet. She loves the beautiful colors and weights just as much as I do, although she is NOT a fan of heavier weights. It makes the ball of yarn too big, she says. 

Jezzy has lived with us about 7 years now. She is very territorial with her owner. She is NOT my cat, she loves my partner Bub. (no, that's not his real name, lol)

 This is me, taken about a week ago. I was out taking a walk down our street looking to see if the Easter flowers were up yet. I found a few but with no blooms. This week I have seen a few purple blooms! I am so glad spring is here, I wish it would start showing up more often. Here in West Virginia is chilly up until May. At least the mountains of snow will be gone. I am happy as long as I don't have to bundle up. I am not a fan of the cold weather but I love it here in the forest and mountains of WV.

This is my oldest son Hunter. He just graduated. That is not his girlfriend. I am amazed I have this shot of him. He hates pictures. I am very proud of him. He has a good steady job, is out on his own, and making the right decisions for himself. A mom cant ask for more.

One more of Hunter in his fire dept uniform. He is in our local volunteer fire department. He comes from a long list of them. I am proud of his training, but when the whistle goes off I am a nervous wreck. I try not to text and call but he has to let me know he is on the truck or not. A mom worries! Until he has children of his own he will not know this. This picture was taken right after all my surgeries. I am very skinny in this picture but having an illness does that to you. I had Bell's Palsy in this picture too. I notice that I have my smile back though so it must have been at the end of that ordeal.
(Have you had bells palsy, or breast surgeries?)

This is my youngest son Shane, he turned 10 the 19th of March. He is my fun, boisterous child. Hunter was quiet, still is. Shane is like the Tasmanian Devil, always moving, always talking. He takes that after me. Isn't he a heart breaker? My children are 2 boys almost 10 years apart.

This is Shane and I last summer. We were taking a walk to our local football field to fly this huge kite. My partner was with us, but someone had to take the pictures! The background is pretty in this picture, our fire dept tower is showing in the background. Surrounded by forest, we have to be able to see in the mountains when there is a fire.

I just noticed the hair color change. When I got sick, I swore no more blonde. I have been blonde all my life. No more fun if your bored with it. I needed a new outlook, look in general, a change from the sick me. So, I went chocolate. Yup, and I LOVE it. It's everyone else that can't get used to it, hey, it's on MY head. I feel a pixie coming on next. Look out summer!

One more I had to share of Jezzy. She loves yarn. When I crochet I HAVE to get her out a ball or she will NOT leave me alone. Seriously, this cat has a yarn obsession. If I don't give her one she will put her paw on me, just rest it there. If that does not work, she will slap me with said paw. If I don't do it then, I am in trouble. I DO IT. I don't want her to tear me to pieces over yarn.I just give it to her. It makes us both very happy. You can hear her purr....It's very sweet. You would not know she was just luring you in to scratch you. Yup, now she has to protect the yarn. It's never ending but loads of fun. I have never had a cat around before. We have had her so long she is part of our family. Sadly, she won't wear crochet....

So, that's a little about me. I spend most of my days alone working on various crochet projects. This month I have really been working hard on all my unfinished projects, or works in progress (WIP's) depending on how you see your glass. I am happy to say that I finished everything!


Not everything but that's what I wanted to show you next. 

Here is what is on my hook and has been on and off since November 2014.

The crochet never ending granny square blanket started out Cali King size. I got a new cherry sleigh bed with a queen set up so my blanket got smaller. It's a good thing cause there is about 16 skeins in it. This is the first blanket I have ever made. When I first learned to crochet I concentrated on the stitches, not the yardage or how many skeins so I have made several trips to Walmart to get more of the Red Heart Charcoal. Then I decided that just a blanket wasn't enough, I wanted "a look" so I decided to make pillow shams for my king size pillows. I got a skein each for them and sadly, its not enough, but that's ok because I knew I needed more. No surprise there. 

The pillow shams are made in the granny stripe. Instead of trying to work out a square to fit a rectangle (started 3 times) I just went with the stripe. It looks the same, its the same stitch (3dc in each ch space). I made the front side, you see it in the picture laying flat. I am about out of the rose color, it was given to me by someone special in my family and I had to use it. I am stingy with it, I need to finish this project. Yes, I still have some left. It came with no wrapper. I have no clue what color or brand it is. 

The blanket is rolled up. It has a big pink starting block, rows of charcoal granny block, and another pink stripe. It will have an edging in pink. I am just not sure of the best one yet. I haven't really thought that far or even researched it that much. Once I finish the shams front and back. Oh yeah, the back is just a simple chain, the sc a row, and then I went with a triple crochet. Its long, and will cover nicely. I will just put the front and back together and seam with yarn or crochet. I am not sure how to do that yet, although I am confident I can. I have put things together before with success a few different ways. I like to have my seams hidden.

You can see the triple or treble crochet on my hook right now. I have been working on it on and off this morning. I will have the back to one sham finished today. 


It's quiet here, I am listening to Night Vale (a scary podcast with episodes released every 2 weeks) There are 60+ and I am on 57. I just found it and am trying to get caught up. That's a passion of mine too! Not usually on podcast or listening to books, I love to read and have loved it since I was a child. When my mom couldn't find me she called the library. No, there were no cell phones then. You just called the business :-)

I have a varied interests. I love music, I love it outside, I spend most of my time by myself doing the things I love best. I am a typical girl, I love handbags, makeup, smell good, and shoes! I am also a tea lover. Lose, bags, bricks, bulk, whatever. I enjoy a cup almost every hr of the day. I have many favorites but the Tea Spots Pu'erh is my favorite. Its a black, fermented, chocolate tea. Its delicious!

I just wanted those of you who do not want to wade through all my back posts get to know a little about my family and I. My partner is crafty too, he is into wood and has several projects going on now. He wont touch the pc though, and I'll be darned if I am taking on another blog. I want to keep this one up, meet people, always be here to laugh and crochet with!

Crochet is new to me, but the reviews I have been doing here and there are more new to me. I thought what a great idea, and got to work on it. Very quickly, I got overloaded with reviews and had to get them done, I learned my lesson. Only take what you can use, are interested in because you will get lots of random things that take up a lot of your time to review correctly. I try to do all mine because I use the product.

 I also have a real issue with company's who want you to review their product but not pay shipping, if I have to pay shipping then I lie when I say #gotitfree and to a freebie person that's not free. That just means I gave $6.49 for that product paid for by shipping. Nope, that's not free. I know some people may take issue with it but its for my opinion, they asked. Sorry, no credit card for you. Most of the companies will reimburse you for your shipping costs through paypal. That's acceptable to me and I tell them so when I thank them. Be honest! 

I am caught up now and have some really great giveaways coming up for you. 

I have a giveaway going on now. Its Amara Organics Vitamin C Serum and I am STILL using the same bottle and my skin is softer. I am looking for a "glow" without a tan! Go to my giveaway post and sign up. It would really help me. I am so new, not out there too much and how can I throw a contest with no winner! 


 Please, can you enter? (on knees, looking directly in your eyes, lol) I try to enter and support giveaway blogs. If you haven't entered before or have no idea what I am talking about search for low entry giveaways on the net. Bloglovin (my fave to use) has a lot of nice giveaway blogs. Sign your blog up with them so I can follow you all in one place too!

I have something great to share with you. I got into a great review company that has a crochet shop and they are sending me something lovely concerning crochet to review. In the madness of Amazon the shipping got all mixed up, and the items have to be shipped again. BUT THE BEST PART? Part of the item came, the guts were empty but the shop says I get to keep the part the sent me by mistake and they are going to send me another in a different pattern for me to keep. I get to decide what to do with the extra item. YAY!!! FREEBIE!!!! (I was super disappointed since I waited and waited for it, I had to write an appeal letter to even be let in the campaign because I lacked a few 100 twitter followers but I plead my crochet case and it worked!).

I think I will give it away to a lucky reader.

So you will have to keep reading my posts in the next few weeks. Sooner that that, I think, but one can never be sure when you are working with someone else on the other end. 

It's for my crochet friends! 

So, that's me in a nutshell. Crystal W from a one red light town, happily everything, crocheting my way through my midlife crisis.

Won't you join me?

Happy Hookin!

Please, if you would like to get to know me just leave me a comment and I will respond. I just got the comments set up and I would love to hear from you. 

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