Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Review for Baby Watercolor Monthly Stickers

Good Morning! 
I have a review for you early this morning!

My review this morning is for Baby Watercolor Month Stickers from i Custom Labels. 

I received no money for my review. Not even shipping costs! This is my honest opinion, and all ideas and words are my own. This review is my own opinion of the product. I only got the product to review. 

These big labels come from a place that can take care of all your labeling needs. 

Here is the link first off, so you can see how great they are for yourself!

Here is a picture of the set I got sent to review for free!

These labels are the watercolors. They are about the size of a grapefruit. They are about 4 inches across. They have an adhesive back, sticky like a sticker not reusable. 

I think they would be really useful to a new mom, or one who is making a baby book. I am sure there are many other ways to use these labels. 

There are many, many more to chose from on their site. They make labels for wine, beer, candy, cigar, food jars, water bottles, mini wine labels, gift tags, cupcake toppers and candles! They also have a blog. 

These stickers come 12 to a set. 
They are $10.oo on the I Custom Label website.

The watercolors are light and really pretty in pastels of green, pink, blue and yellow. 

Use one for every milestone your baby has in your life.

The site says free shipping over $50.00.

They have pages of baby month stickers. Some are for holidays, some just for everyday use. They can be really practical or you can dress them up a little to make the label the focus of the project.

I got a lot of information from I Custom Label, and their site is easy to use and they literally have everything you need to monogram or dress up your project!

A cute label can make or break a package or project. 

When I looked at the site I had tons of ideas on how to use their many different labels.

They way I used mine?

I took out my youngest sons baby book, and I inserted the stickers in the months they belonged in. It made his baby book look great, and it added the month in a really cute way. 

I think you should check these labels out! At least go to I Custom Labels and check them out for yourself.

Here are the stickers in total...

the first few months....

almost there....

A whole year worth of stickers or labels!

How can you beat that for $10.00?

You can't!

I really think you will like them. This is my honest opinion about these stickers. I just reviewed for the stickers, and I think this is a great way to commemorate something special that has happened or is gonna happen in your life. 

Thanks for stopping by today to read my review on 

I appreciate your time.


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