Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WIP's & UFO's

Good morning! I have been up way before the sun. I just couldn't sleep in this morning, sleeping in for me is getting up by 7 a.m. I have had a few major things to do concerning the blog and this morning I decided to take the plunge and just do it and get it over with. 
Don't get me wrong, I love this blog. The reviews get a little overbearing sometimes. I got way involved too fast, and once I get caught up I will use this board for what it is intended and get myself another space to do my reviews. I know when I follow someone for crochet, I want to SEE crochet. So, I totally understand if you guys are super disappointed in the blog lately.

I do have some things going on though....

wanna see?

First is this Lion Brand Hometown in Cambridge Tweed. Its a chunky, black with bits of color thrown in. It's pretty thick but could be stretchy I think, more on that at the bottom....

Know what it is yet? In this picture I am folding. 

Here it is, my MASA bag. Its just being held together with a darning needle. If any of you have made a Masa bag before you know it takes a pin or 2 to get it held together to be able to line it up and get it seamed straight.

Here it is all folded and seamed up. It turned out so nice. The yarn is chunky and I crocheted it with a I hook so it made it tight. I think a bag without a liner has to have a tight stitch.
So the I-hook was my solution.
Its solid, and its a nice size. 

There isn't really a pattern for this bag. It is just a long rectangle, a ratio at 1:3. I made my bag 10 inches wide by 30 inches long. It has to be 3 times or it wont fold correctly. This bag only takes an evening or so depending on how fast you crochet or depending what you are going to do with it.

Now to my problem.

The last bag I made I put shoestrings in the handles to keep them from stretching. If you look at my very first few crochet posts my turquoise bag is there (it was my first completed project and I didnt know how to crochet then, I'm amazed I done it) and the way I done it is shown.

Well, this bag has about 3 inch strap. I do believe that once this yarn relaxes it is going to stretch. I have been thinking about making the strap double layer and do the string thing again, OR I can just make the regular masa strap and make an allowance for the stretching in the handles. I will just compensate and make it smaller, that way when it does stretch it will hit at the right place on the body. I like mine about my hip.

Any suggestions?

Here is a link to a nice Masa bag helped me a lot.

Ok, I have something else to show you. You know how you just know what kind of crocheter you are? Like, I like to make bags and household stuff. Some people love blankets, some do dolls. I make blankets too but not like I like to crochet little bits and one day projects. I like the satisfaction of having something done in a little time, without driving myself insane trying to finish. 

I love wreaths. I have always made them. Never crochet, though.
I went to my favorite crochet site...
and I found her spring wreath. I have been adoring her work since the very first time I found it. She is talented and her work is insanely gorgeous!
Here is the link to the wreath I found on her site....

So, once I got to thinking about it, its a great stash buster project. I got out my crate of leftover lovies and got to work. 

Here is my inspiration, not from Attic 24, but cute all the same and within my time constraints and what I can crochet.

Here is some progress....

I love this little flower. Its crochet and then rolled up. So cute.

Here are some of my bits and pieces. The only thing I have left to do is put on all the buttons, make a flower or 2 and leaves. Everything is going to have a button in the middle. Not the clouds and sun but they will be held together by one. The leaves have no buttons either. I made the green for my grass yesterday and attached it to my wreath. 

I haven't made the bee's. I have an allergy to them. For real, and for fake. They can kill me, I am highly allergic but I STILL don't want to crochet them. Eww....creepy to me.

I did take rainbow yarn and make about an inch wide strip and attached
it so I could have some kind of rainbow :-) and a place to hang the wreath at the same time. At the moment, it is in pieces but as soon as I finish this post up I am going to get out my hook, my fingers are itching. Really, isn't that amazing how I have to do it?

I am NOT looking forward to attaching the buttons, but that is what is going to bring this wreath all together, I just know it and I have a quiet afternoon to do it in. 

I will update with a finish wreath soon!

I enjoyed sharing with you today. I love my crochet. I just love it. I am seriously thinking about a subscription box. Do you do one? There is one I am interested in, not Yarnbox but something more reasonable on the wallet and I wont have a huge stash of unused yarn lying around.

That's for another day....

Thanks for being here today.
I appreciate you and your visit!

(I can cross stitch too, I want to make this :-)