Monday, November 24, 2014

Finally Finished!

Good Morning! 
Well, today is the big reveal. I have been working on my inspiration bag for around a month or more. This was my first big crochet project. Since, I have never made anything like this before I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. I knew the inspiration bag was going to test what little skills I did have. Once I got to Walmart and picked out my yarn (they don't have much of a selection where I live, and we don't have a Hobby Lobby or a Michael's) so I made do with the blue's they did have. 
I started off with a solid granny square. Once I got the bag sewn together I noticed that instead of 5 holes in the granny, I only had 4. This made my bag smaller, BUT I really like it smaller. Its big enough to carry what I need. Mine turned out about 10 inches wide, and 8 tall. Once I got it folded and stitched up, it was the perfect size for me.
I really tried to do my best. I tore out mistakes, I whip-stitched over and over, and I crocheted darn shoe stings into the handles so they wouldn't stretch. I even wet blocked my granny squares. It turned out lovely. 
If you go back thru the pages of this blog, it shows all my work leading up to and finishing this bag.


Not too shabby, eh? :-)
I hate to pat myself on the back but I am very proud of this. I have read, watched and listened to every crochet video and tutorial to help me. It worked!


Here is the link to the inspiration bag I used.

Go ahead, make yourself one. You are going to love it. 

The only thing I have to decide now is if I want to make a few more to sell. I am not sure how to price the crochet. It says your material times 3 or $1.00 an inch. I think that may work for things other than blankets. People want to buy them but they don't want to pay what they are worth. I understand but it takes a while to make an afghan and people don't want to pay for my time. Idk what to do. First of all, I am going to change out purses and carry this bag!

Thanks for looking and I hope you crochet today!
Pick a project and get started!
Have a great day!