Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Projects for all kinds of reasons!

 Good Afternoon!

Thats the way it goes around here!

I have several projects I have been working on this week while its been chilly outside. The first is called a Masha bag. Its a simple DC bag but its all in the way you fold it. The colors arent my thing but it was extra in my stash.

 Here is another idea. Instead of buying or sewing a plastic grocery bag holder I decided to crochet me one. I think it turned out good. Not my fave colors but its still cute.

Now this is the thing I am most proud of. I have always wanted to crochet slippers. I started on it and literally in 2 hrs I had one slipper. I have yet to do the other foot. I think it looks good, its practical and its soft when you walk on it. I think they will make super xmas gifts with the bath poufs and dishcloths.

I just wanted to update. To say hi, just check in. I am working on something special. I will post it here before long. Its taken longer than expected because I am ripping out every stitch that isnt perfect. This may take awhile. :-)

Have a great day!