Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Keep Calm & Crochet On...

Good Morning! 
I have been thinking a lot about this blog. I dont have anything specific to blog about. I just like to fill everyone in on my projects and what I have going on. Winter is almost on us here in West Virginia and it really puts a damper on my outside duties. So I decided to start on a few projects, teach myself to crochet by you tube (it worked!) and make something that my family can enjoy and use. I am working on a never ending granny square blanket. I have used 2 ex lg skeins of gray. I have a king size bed so I am slowly working on it. I crochet on it at night when my DH and I are in bed watching tv. I plan to make pillow shams to match too. I am getting there. I am very proud of myself as a granny square is something I struggled with. I have always wanted to crochet. I love it, I always have a couple projects going on at one time.
Here is my granny blanket, its bigger now.
Not sure why I used the pink in the middle as my bedroom is NOT pink. Its the first granny I made that looked good, I didnt want to tear it out so I went ahead and attatched the gray. Its soft and warm and I cant wait to finish it.
My projects I have been working on are dish cloths. I dont know if you have ever used homemade crochet dishcloths but they are my favorite thing to wash with. I am a big fan of 100% cotton yarn. As someone new to crochet I like how it stays together and I can see my stitches. It also dries fast and can be thrown in the washer. They are so pretty but go ahead and use them. Thats what I made them for!
I decided to tie them up with a pretty ribbon and give them to my family members for xmas! I can get a couple dishcloths out of one ball of Peaches & Cream yarn from Walmart for $1.77. Not too bad and definately cheaper than buying them at the store and they work so much better!
Ok, I dont know if you all have seen those crochet bath pouf's. They looked complicated but I pulled up at pattern and started one. I made the first one with success and it was so easy! I think they will work good, dry fast, and they look cute. These are on my list for xmas presents too. One takes me a whole evening. It says its about an hr pattern but it takes me longer. They do take a lot of yarn. I have about 3 inches of finishing to do. I ran out of yarn. Grrr....
Here they are though...

I was laying in bed last night thinking that you really dont know who I am. Here is a pic of me. :-)

Its been awhile since I have updated you about what is going on in my personal life. This is a pretty recent picture of me. I am going on 42, bday in dec. My son Hunter was going to the Navy if you have read my previous blogs. His doctor decided to veto the idea so he is still here in our hometown working. He got a raise, went to a new store, and got his first apt! He moved right out the street from me. I can see his vehicle from my bedroom window. No getting away from mom just yet. I am very proud of him. He is turning into a very responsible young man. 

I spent this last weekend (its been gorgeous for 4 days, snows coming tho) at my moms house celebrating my sisters son Wyatts bday. We always celebrate together.

One more thing I am excited to tell you about. I got in a Tazo Chai Tea Party at my House Party site. Look what came in the box!

I am a tea drinker and I had my fingers and toes crossed hoping I would get into this one and they chose me! I have been loving and drinking tea since I was old enough to heat water. This box came with Vanillia Caramel Latte concentrate, Chocolate tea bags, and regular & decaf Chai. I had a cup last night, a cup of chocolate. Its not sweet, its the aroma of chocolate once you take your cup away. Its a hint of chocolate, I think you will like it. Try it and see! I have yet to use the concentrate. It says use it hot & cold but I havent tried it yet. Ill let ya know. Know what else came in the box? 10 FREE coupons for boxes of Tazo tea. Is that not awesome? 

Anyway, thanks for spending a little time with me this morning. I will have more things to post about soon. I want to start on the christmas ornaments for my charlie brown tree. We can do that next time. If you read this and would like to leave me a comment, feel free. I know that I dont have a lot of followers but I love to write, craft, take pics and update all my family members who dont get to see us on a regular basis. It works for me!
Thanks To YOU!
Until next time.....