Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Adventures of a newbie crocheter...

Good Morning Friends. 
I think I am going to show you my new endeavor. First off let me say this is my adventures in crochet. My mom taught me the basics when I was small, but recently I have started re-learning how to do it. I have found out that you can learn anything from YouTube. I started off with easy appliques, then to single crochet & double. If you can do these basic stitches you can make darn near everything. Here are a few of my projects. I have been seeing those crochet coffee mug coozies on Pinterest, and these little face scrubbies. I decided to make a few and put them on my Listia. My auctions ended and at least they sold. I think they turned out really cute what do you think?

Not too bad for the first time, right?

My bff and I took off the other day and went to the yarn store. I decided that acrylic yarn was not working for me so I bought 100% cotton yarn and its working great!

Here is my haul.

I have been working like a mad woman since I got super involved with crochet. It was my goal to have projects for the nasty West Virginia weather we have here. Nights are 35 now, its starting to get chilly. We have even had some snow and its not Halloween yet!

Here is a pic of a celtic knot headband. I dont have the ribbons on the bottom to tie under hair yet but I will. It didnt turn out too bad, it looks cute as heck on.

Here is my attempt at a hanging towel. This one was hard for me but its useable. Idk why I picked white, you know that isnt going to last 2 seconds with a bf that is a mechanic and always has nasty hands. 

Ok, here is my main project that will take forever. My goal is to have it done by the first of the year so I can work on a Star Wars Stromtrooper blanket for my oldest son Hunter (who just got his first place). This is called a never ending granny square. I have always wanted to learn how to make a granny square and to my dismay it took longer than anything else and its the easiest. Thats the way I work. Hardest things first! LoL
I have nothing pink in my bedroom so I am not sure why I chose these colors. I was practicing with pink. The granny looked great and I decided to keep going. I did, and now its getting heavy. I have a cali king bed and this blanket is going to be heavy and huge. I dont know how I am going to wash it. I have intentions on making matching pillow shams to match. Its looking great and I am one proud momma!

Now for the big finish. I decided to make my granmaws and my mom, sister a set of kitchen goodies. I made this hanging towel holder. My design because all the others took way too long and this one is so much easier. I made the matching dishcloth. I figured I could go to DG and find a matching towel. I think anyone would love to have this as a gift for xmas. What do you think?
This is the 100% cotton Sugar and Spice Yarn from Walmart. $1.77 for a ball of it, thats cheap! I bought 15. LoL I think I am going to have a problem with yarn. I tend to want every color to excess. Well, here it is. The final product, I took my time and it looks great, I think.

Ok, its early morn. I have to pick up my hook and yarn. I will update more later. I just wanted to let you see how my adventures in crochet began. Remember, you too can learn from You Tube and you will save tons on Xmas presents. It means more to get a handmade gift. I wish someone would make one for me!

Thanks for reading with me today, and looking at my projects. I will return to talk to everyone later, bye guys!