Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Adventures In Arm Knitting

Good Rainy Morning to you. 
I hope this new post finds you well. 
I have a few new (just learned) projects finished that I wanted to show you. 

Yesterday my best friend and I took the bus to Walmart to get yarn. Well, if you crochet you know how long this can take. It takes a minute to find out what kind, what worst, what hook, and what color. Have your project already picked out to make this easier.

I have been searching the Web, Pinterest, and You Tube for something new to try. I dont crochet well, but I have been finger knitting since I was a kid both ways. My last post had to do with the simple one hand finger knitting in tubes. 

This post is all about ARM KNITTING. There are some great videos on You Tube that can really show you how. My favorite and how I learned is by this link:


This should help you get started. I made this same bloggers finger knit boot cuffs. 

(I will have pics of these soon)

Now on to my arm knitting adventure. Like I said, after I got my yarn and hooks I came home to start making my yarn balls. I bought Hometown Chunky Yarn in a 5 weight. The bigger your yarn the thicker your scarf, the smaller the holes. I got settled in, make my slip knot and started my project.

I have to tell you, this was so quick and easy and it looks so good after its done. I used one strand of chunky 5 weight and one strand of regular 4 weight. I slip my arm through the slip knot and start my X's to start looping my scarf. Here are my pics in order of progress.

1st pic is how it looks once you get started and make a few rows. (excuse my bedroom, and my nightgown, lol)

This is a close up of how the yarn looks looped.

This is how it looks when you cast on to the other side. Look Ma! Both hands! (I know it LOOKS complicated, its not, promise)

My finished project. It took right at an hr. It was so easy!

Close up of it rounded up. It turned out soft, thick and warm. 

This had to be the easiest project to learn and the fastest from start to finish. If you want to learn something different, something to get you through the cold winter, then give this a try. I think you will be successful. There are a few great links on you tube, great ideas on Pinterest. Chose the person who videos how you need to see it. The link I posted she shows you front and reverse. It really helps. 

I have a surprise for my bff. I made her an infinity scarf finger croched last night too. It took right at an hour as well. I will post that link:


This blogger is really great and takes time to show you. I learned from this.

I used a regular weight  (4) skien of yarn, and a skien of chunky (5), this made it less holy. :-)

This is my ending project. It turned out so soft and warm. I was very pleased with it, and if it fits around my bff's head this is going to make her a great surprise today. I will let you know how she likes it. 

Every now and then I will post my projects. I am not real crafty, and I can crochet, not great but this I was succesful at. If you can crochet with a hook this should be a breeze for you.

I will go for now. I have a date with my friend.

Have a great day and see you next time!