Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fall Into Crochet

I have fallen in love with Bloglovin.

I have decided to put my effort all in.

Here we go...

For you that have no clue who I am (why would you???), my name is Crystal and I live in a one red-light town in the middle of the Monongahela National Forest. Its gorgeous here with our 4 seasons. Right now, its my fave time of year but its getting colder and for an insomniac like me the extra hr doesn't do me a bit of sleeping good. Plus, I despise winter.


I am a simple mom who loves to DIY literally ANYTHING. I love crochet and until recently I only knew how to make a chain. My mom taught me, but you know how kids are, I didn't want to learn then. All my adult life I have lusted after crocheted items. I scour our local pantry for charity items people have loved and discarded. I love to reuse and repurpose. 
I learned what little I do know (and am extremely proud of) by watching YouTube crochet tutorials. It worked and I am slowly making harder stuff and learning more stitches. You have to study, practice, pull out, and learn! 
In some previous posts I have shown a little bit of my work. Its as-is and everything you see is what I just finished. 
So basically this blog is about the love I have for my family, DIY, crochet and books. I love to read, and what better to read than patterns. 
This blog is in continuous update mode so bear with me if it looks strange for awhile. I am just figuring it all out and linking it to Bloglovin was an adventure in itself. 
I may be talking to myself, if so, so be it. I get enjoyment writing and posting my fave pics.

Here is my newest finished project.


The pattern I found on the web said they might be the easiest slippers in the universe (or not) and I believe they are. I am a novice with the crochet hook and I made a pair that are totally wearable and comfy. I actually could make them in different sizes, thats how easy this pattern is. They look wonky off the foot because they are made with a larger hook and are a little loose but on the foot they fit great! 

I will leave a link to the pattern on This is a cute site that I look at often.

So thats it for me tonight. I have been on all day. Its time for date-nite-in with my hubby. We watch Sci-Fi Sat nite on MeTv. They show classic shows and at 10 pm Svengoolie shows a B movie thriller. Here is the link. SVENGOOLIE We get in bed, get snacks, get comfy and just hang out, watch tv and talk. Catch up on our day. Tell each other how important they are. The basics. Its just us at home now so we take advantage of it, but sometimes....