Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Yarn & My (yikes!) First Pattern

Good Afternoon, my crochet friends and the rest of who who take time out of your busy day to drop by the little piece of my heart.

I have a few things I want to share today.

Isn't it pretty....more on my sun-catcher, read on!

Yesterday, I made a net for my new yarn that I ordered from Craftsy. Notice how its filled with yarn other than the Craftsy order...(it had not come yet)

It's just a simple mesh or net pattern. 
Here is the pattern. Toy Storage~wikihow

Not to bad for storing all those little balls that roll around everywhere.

Now, my proudest moment in crochet yet...
My own pattern! :-)


I started on this last night. I made the middle motif which is called a Brume Square. I really liked the pattern (easy, too) so I decided to continue on with my own stitches and see what I could come up with.

This is the first time I have ever attempted to stray from the pattern. 
After a few rows of this and that, I finally got something that looked great and laid flat. 

After I closed it up, I decided I needed to make something to let it hang. I had already decided it was WAY to pretty to just lay on a table and set something on. So, I chained up, sl st into the 6th chain, and went back down the other side, and joined it at the bottom. I made this out of plain RHSS yarn. No crochet thread this time.

Wall-ah! SUNCATCHER! Maybe it's the Artist RHSS yarn, or the design itself but it said "hang me". Where better to do that?

In a window, of course! Over looking my side yard. It's gorgeous outside today. Plenty of sun, little chilly, but sunny!

So, what do you think for my first attempt at anything my own?
Do you think it looks like a SUN-CATCHER?

Ok, on to the next thing....
Those of you that keep up with the going's on here at Crochet, A Day In The Life will know I made a large order, well, large for me, at Craftsy.

This is the bag, it came today. I have never ordered from Craftsy so I was delighted to see that pretty bag come in the mail. Packaging is important. People don't realize how much your mood brightens just seeing the wrapping. That's even before we look inside! Men will never understand. Obviously a woman picked out the packaging at Craftsy :-) Love It!

Here are my goodies that the bag housed safely while they traveled...

13 lovely skeins of randomness...

Here is the Schachenmayr Original Bravo 50g ball, machine washable, acrylic. It's really soft for acrylic. I have never bought or even seen this kind before but it was marked half price so I had to try it. I got 4 balls in Neon Pink, Natural, Caledon, and Turquoise. The blues are gorgeous. I should have taken the pics outside. I am totally satisfied with the way this yarn looks and feels. 

I have been wanting to make a mini granny square pillow (obsessed with mini's). I think in these bright colors with white trim will be beautiful. I need to get to work!

Here is all my Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton. I fell in love with the color Cayenne. It's a lovely orangy-red color. I ADORE IT! My kitchen is going to me motifs in this color. Curtains and all. I am going for red :-) 7 little balls of cotton, in bright sunny colors. I am so OVER winter, I decided to get all those colors that make me feel good.

This batch of yarn is pure heaven for me color wise.

These are the last 2 balls but the most special. I live in a nowhere town, close to nothing. No yarn at all for miles and miles so I had never gotten to work with Vanna "anything". When I first started crocheting I won a pattern from Cre8tion Crochet. It was a summery tank top. Just my style. 
I bought this shimmery, neutral yarn in Goldstone just for that tank top. I have never made anything past a poncho to wear so this is going to be an adventure but the yarn is so perfect. It's also very me, I love sparkles.

This is the pattern picture from Cre8tion Crochet. I think its do-able for my skills. I have another that I want to make for myself but it's going to be my own pattern. (fingers crossed)

A thing or 2 more...

FINALLY! Those of you that read my last post about this darn #CallieBag know that this bag was a long time coming. It has been torn out too many times to count, added rows, measured and measured again and It was NOT THAT HARD! 
I am the one that made it hard, not paying attention.

Well, it turned out great and finally I am satisfied with it. It needs some finishing and the handles attached but all in all I can get this project out of the way.

I wanted to also tell you that I won a few more things. I swear I don't sit around and enter giveaways but March was my lucky month.

Besides winning a professional revamp of my blog from Joyce at Perfectly Irresistable and I also won a prize package from Divas With A Purpose that had a journal, a cup, a tee shirt, and an amazon gift card. What a great prize. I was super excited. Divas with a Purpose is a great blog. Check it out!

This morning I got an email from Rachel at The Crochet Spot and I won a pattern of my choice from The Crochet Spot Store for submitting a photo for the WIP/UFO contest. I won!

I had a really good March. It's my sons birthday month so no wonder it's lucky.

Thanks for stopping by today! I appreciate your time.