Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Cleckheaton Yarn, and a few updates...

Good Morning my friends! 

I have a few things to share with you this morning. 
I have had a lot going on and at the moment I am bed-ridden, Yup, you heard right, bed-ridden. Somehow I pulled a muscle in my back and its affected the sciatic nerve. I have never had anything like this, its painful. 

So I have been in bed since Monday with no relief in sight. There is nothing you can do about a sciatic nerve. It's horribly painful. It feels like a charlie horse all the time. It has affected my attitude. Its hard to be sunny and smile when you are in pain 24-7. 

Anyway, on to better things....

I finally received my win from Little Things Blogged
I was super excited to get this as I have won things but never yarn. 
Look how nice it is. 
This is the picture of the giveaway prize....

Here is the Merino Superfine Wool....
Its in ice blue, and burnt orange.
I have never worked with such a nice yarn. I am thrilled to have it. I haven't used it yet.

Here are the tags that came on both balls of yarn. So classy. You can take the fabric tag off and use it for your beanie or whatever you make with the yarn. Just sew it right in.

I love that it came with its own bag. This is something I will keep. Nothing like a dust jacket for yarn. Just like my Coach bags. Everyone needs a jacket. 

This is how it came packaged. The only thing that I could not use? It came with knitting instructions instead of crochet. I can knit, but not enough to make a beanie. That's way over my skills. 

I have no clue what to make with it. I have found that I am less apt to use my nice yarn. I am somewhat of a hoarder. I know it does me no good just sitting there but I cant decide how to use it, and its just so nice that I just look at it. Maybe someday the right project will come along and this lovely wool yarn will turn into what its meant to be.

Thanks so much to Little Things Blogged! I appreciate it so!

Now, on to another win....

I also had a great win from another blog this past month. The blog is called Divas With A Purpose. They have a lovely blog empowering women. I entered their giveaway, and I won! I was super excited. Here is a look at what I won from Michelle....

It came with a nice V-neck T-shirt, a cup, a sticker, a journal, and $10 Amazon gift card. This was a great win as well.

I know you think I win all the time, and honestly I don't. I have never won a darn thing. EVER. March and so far April have been really lucky for me.

Since I have felt bad there was a few days that I didn't look at my email. Well, as soon as I don''t do that something great happens with a time limit on it. That's what happened to me this time.

I won 3 patterns from 3 Sweet Potatoes Etsy Shop and only had 48 hours to notify and I didn't. By the time I got to her, luck was on my side because she had not chosen another winner yet so I got my patterns. I was excited to have my pattern pile grow.

On to my last win....

Yesterday I got an email that said, "Congratulations! You won Dexas!"
I don't know about you but that doesn't tell me a darn thing. I had to go back and look thru the contests and giveaways I entered and see if I could figure it out. 

Once I did I was super excited...Here is what I won. I remembered filling it out as soon as I seen the blog header...

I won right at $100 worth of kitchen items. I am a vegetarian. So there isn't anything I could have won any better than these items to make salads. It comes with all you see here. Isn't it great? The cutting boards, and the big salad bowl is what I was most excited about. I have never had a salad spinner, when I think salad, I don't think I have to spin it first but I can give it a try. I know my gran always washes and dries her's when she comes home from the store.

I won this prize package from Being MVP

Ok, I know many of you are wondering how I have managed to win all these nice thing the past month. Well, once you find a few review blogs on Bloglovin enter their contests. You will soon find that once you follow one person one time, the next contest you enter you will have less pages to go to, and less people to follow. You have already done it. So it doesn't take as long to fill out the entry forms. I also go to 
Tight Wad In Utah low entry giveaways and enter them. She has them in categories so you know how many entries the contest already has. I don't fill out the forms that have 60 entry's, I just fill out the ones that are easiest for me and forget the rest. I don't want my Pinterest filled up with other peoples random stuff. So I am funny about who and where I follow. 

Its worked for me. I go weeks and don't win a thing, and when I do win it seems like I win a couple things at one time.

I cant complain. My paypal and amazon account is richer because of my past few wins.

I have some new beautiful yarn to work with, a new t-shirt to wear and new items for my kitchen. 

My blog is getting an update, a big overhaul tonight, this was a win from Joyce at 
Perfect Irresistible. It will have a whole new look, a professional, put together, streamlined look. I am no code writer and Joyce has some great design ideas. She was great to work with, and was patient with me thru this illness I am having. I appreciate her time and generosity. 

All in all not a bad haul.

Thanks for hanging out with me for a little while.

Next post...#BBSWAP!

Stay Tuned!