Monday, April 13, 2015

Her # BBSwap Basket, and a New Look!

Good Morning my friends.

I have my Easter Basket Blogger Swap to show you this morning.

Yesterday I showed you the basket that I got from my partner Mary @ 

I emailed my partner yesterday and I have not heard from her, not to tell me the box got there, that she liked it, nothing. I can only hope she is ok, very busy, or is waiting on today for the reveal.

Here a pic of what I put in Angela's box.

The only thing I cant find a picture of is the little container.

The little what-not holder on the far right, is in RHSS Artist. 

It turned out so cute, that I made a few and sold them.

Since I don't have the picture I want to leave the link for all of you to make your own. You will be so happy with this little box.

You can find the pattern HERE

Here is a little crochet envelope I made. Really simple, found it on Pinterest. Took maybe 1/2 hr.

Here is what I worked hardest on. I made, re-made, pulled out, started over, changed buttons and clips over and over....

but these little crochet flower paper clips turned out so cute that I made a set for myself and for my friend.

The buttons were last minute, and do you know how hard it is to find paper clips in the colors you need? HA! Finally I had to let go a little and make it work.

I also found these little beauties on Pinterest. I started out with ice cream cones...

they looked cute but were a little hard for me to get the paper clip hid on the back, so I kept that one and moved on....

They turned out so cute and I hope Angela @ BABY STEPS THROUGH LIFE likes them as much as I do and I hope she puts them to good use. No use putting them in a drawer to save them. Use them, let people see, they will brighten your day every time you see them on something.

I also made Angela a little lipstick case. I put a berry Aquafina lip gloss in there, first off because I cant chose a lip color for her, and second who doesn't like soft, shiny lips. This was an easy pattern, for nimble fingers though! The little circles on the end had mine in a cramp. It turned out cute, and I hope she just throws it in the bottom of her purse. That's what it's for :-)

I made Angela a chocolate bunny made from a pattern from TWINKIE CHAN's website. This was a super easy pattern. It made a lovely plush toy. I stuffed it, and tied the ribbon on. 
I really think it turned out cute. 
I also made a crochet Easter egg to go with it but for some reason I cant find the darn pictures. I have 2 missing. Grrrr....

Here was my last contribution to the basket. I got several silver hoops in and have been looking at crochet earrings. I made a pair from RHSS but these are made from DMC Thread. They turned out so pretty and delicate. I really tried to make these pretty. I had not intended on giving them to Angela but they were so pretty I wanted to share them.

I am really proud of these, and as soon as I find the right thread I am really going to concentrate on making a few pairs. I think they will make great gifts and might sell well. One can always hope!

Other than a few chocolates, and an Easter card that was it for my basket to Angela. 

I had a lot of fun getting to know my 2 new blogger friends and the little blog piece of their heart.

You can find Mary's blog here @ JINGLE, JANGLE, JUNGLE
You can find Angela's blog here @ BABY STEPS THROUGH LIFE

Rebecca @ RE*SOLVE 
Aleshea @ GLITZ N' GRITZ
for hosting such a fun event. 

It's nice to get to know the people behind the blogs that I read or see.

I would do this anytime anyone asked.

It was fun, and I hope my partners loved theirs as well.

I just wanted to share.

I just found a new crochet project this morning and since I am bed-ridden at the moment it will give me a good head start on something cute, and something to take my mind of the pain and the monotony of sitting here in bed all day by myself in the quiet. Hey? When I put it that way it doesn't sound to bad, does it? Maybe I need to go back and take a good look, and be thankful. 

The sun and the birds woke me this morning. So happy it's spring.

Well....What do you think of the new look?
Joyce @ PERFECTLY IRRESISTIBLE made it for me from a prize I won from the Irish Blog Hop back in March. It was a great prize, and I still have facebook, and twitter headers to go along with it. I am super excited about it. It's clean and neat.

Thanks so much Joyce!

That's it for right now. I have to kick back and relax this leg.

Thanks for hanging out with me for a few today and sharing in my #BBSwap fun!