Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Dexas Win from Being MVP!

 Good morning to all of you. 

I hope your day is full of sunshine and laughter.

Reason for this post today?

I want to show you all the products I won from BEING MVP and DEXAS.

 Last month sometime I got an email telling me I won $100.00 in Dexas kitchen products. I was super excited. Once the box got here there were 2 things missing. 2 cutting boards. I also thought that I was missing a klip cup and a scraper but they were in the picture of the review from Being MVP, that was in her box.

Well, I wrote the email and talked to Jeff about the missing products and he was very nice in fixing the problem. Before you knew it, I had the tracking number and my missing cutting boards finally came, and with them? A Klip Kup, and the Scraper. How about that? He sent me a few extras, and I am truly grateful. They have very good customer service.

Here are a few pictures of my goodies...

I have never used a salad spinner but I do hate it when my dressing gets watery. This salad spinner from Dexas is collapsible. 

This is a big 5qt Salad or Party Bowl. It's all purpose. I love the handles in the purple grips. It is also dishwasher safe, non-slip. This will get used a bunch at our house. I needed a big bowl.

This is a Klip Kup. It clips onto the big bowl to keep your dressing away from your salad or it's perfect for a side of dip. No double dipping please. :-) It is 1 cup or 8oz. Perfect for dips, dressing, salads, ice cream toppings and more. I got the purple. They also come in red and green.

Here is a picture with the Klip Kup on it.

Great idea! I love the way it looks and it matches!

This is the Mezzaluna. You cut you lettuce with this. If you use a knife the edges will turn brown, and nobody wants brown salad. I also got this in the purple. It matches the bowl and the Klip Kup in the purple. You just get out your cutting board or do it in the bowl, and run this through your lettuce or greens until it is the way you like it. This Mezzaluna has a cushion grip too. This will come in handy since I eat salads almost every day. This is dishwasher safe too.

This is the "extra" gift I got. It's a scraper that fits the bowl. I can be used for pastry as well since it has a cutting edge. I will put this to good use.

Here is the large cutting board. 10 in X 14 in. It is called a Grippboard. The wrap around border keeps juices on board, it's reversible, non-slip, fully wrap-around, non-porous, odor resistant and safe for fine cutlery. BPA Free.

This is the small grippboard with a non-slip edge. It is 7 in X 10.5 in. It is exactly the same as the big grippboard. I like having 2. One just for meats, the other for vegetables and fruit. It is nice to have 2.

This is the Spoon & Strain Tongs with a soft cushion handle. It is 2 Tbsp serving. Use one side to spoon sauces or use the flip side to strain. Great for tossing salad or pasta and turning meats and vegetables. I got this in purple too. I love these tongs. They have a lock on them at one end to keep them from slipping open and closed. Since I don't own tongs I was super excited to get this too. 

This is my Collapsible Klip Scoop.This is good for portion control. 3 tools in 1. Food scoop, Multi measuring cup, Bag Clip. This is a one cup/8oz.

It's open.

Here is is closed. You can use it from 1/4th to a half cup, on up to 1 cup. I really like this. It helps with portion control of snacks. One scoop is plenty! This came in green and blue, no purple. I don't care. It will get put to good use here at our house.

All of the items, 8 pieces. 

This was a great win and will get put to good use. I am a vegetarian so I could have not won anything more fitting to my lifestyle. 

I am super impressed with the Dexas line.

Here is some more information on Dexas.

In 1969, Dexas produced its very first cutting board in Dallas, Texas. Today, we've become the leading designer and largest manufacturer of cutting boards in the U.S. Today, 80% of all the cutting boards we produce - and 100% of our office products - are made right here at home. We're committed and proud to be 'Made in the USA' .

icon-gotexan2.pngDexas is a Texas-based designer and manufacturer of cutting boards, kitchen tools and gadgets and silicone heat-resistant items. Dexas provides innovative kitchenware in today's trending colors to the world's leading retailers. We design products that stimulate the home chef's culinary creativity. The company is also a leading manufacturer of storage clipboard cases that protect and organize documents and supplies for the office, school or job site. These durable, weather-proof cases ensure that work documents and projects are portable and protected.

Based on the design innovation of our Popware® collapsible strainers and colanders, Dexas created the Popware™ for Pets line of pet care and pet travel products. The food and water bowls and cups are durable and collapsible, which means you can take your pet anywhere you go. Pets are such an important part of the family!

Great company, great products. Made in USA.

I can honestly say that this was a great win. So many items that will actually get used at our house. 


If you are looking for kitchen items and products I would suggest you grab up some DEXAS and get to using them and then you will see how great they are. Summer is coming and it's just the right weather to put all these goodies to good use. 

I really loved all the products and I can HONESTLY say that I feel good about the company and this review. Just because I got it free (all but the time it takes to fill out the rafflecopter) does not mean that I make up lies to tell to you to get you to purchase. Thats not what reviews are for. Be honest. 

No one from Dexas asked me to blog about this win but I want to share this great company with all of you and tell you how pleased I am with all they sent. 

Very lucky, and very happy!

They have ALL kinds of neat products. 

Take a look at their website...HERE~DEXAS

I want to say a big "THANK YOU" to Dexas and BEING MVP for my great prizes.

I enter a lot of giveaways through BlogLovin' but this is my best win yet.

Please go check out DEXAS and get some new items for your kitchen or your PET!

I will leave you with a few pictures of other items they sell....

These are from School & Office...

E-Clips, 5 stars, $14.99

Slim Case 2, 5 stars, $10.99

Loom Case Lap Case, $19.99



Adjustable Pet Feeder $44.99

Pet Bowl Grip Mat $12.99, 5 stars

Flexible suction Lid $4.99

Collapsible Klip Scoop, 5 stars, $6.99

Collapsible Travel Cup with bottle holder and carabiner. 5 stars, $9.99

Aren't their products nice, I could spend, spend, spend at Dexas.

Check them out, do your research, and put your new items to good use. 

Remember, DEXAS for all your kitchen, school, office, and pet needs.

Thanks for being here today. 

I just wanted to show off my win.

I never win a darn thing, but BlogLovin has served me well the past 2 months.

I wouldn't have known anything about them if it was not for BEING MVP. Go check out Being MVP. The host lots of giveaways. Go enter and see if you win a great prize. 

Glad I got to share with you today.

See you next time!