Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Good Morning my friends!

Ain't that the truth this morning. Here in West Virginia I woke up to the birds singing. I even got my wash on the line, to enjoy the sun.
I love my sun dried sheets.

I wanted to share my WIP Wednesday, and finished projects.

I finally finished my blanket and shams.


My Shams...

My queen size blanket.

I started this project the last of Oct. I put it away for awhile and just now finished it up. The shams turned out lovely too. Although I had a hard time getting them to match. I had to tear one sham out 5 times. Yeah, not good.

They are finally finished, looks beautiful on my bed. 
I was going to make matching valances but I have to have more yarn for that and I am a little tired of Charcoal. ;-)

I have 30+ skeins in this set and I used a G hook, and a J for the tc on the back of the shams. (easy and covered fast)

The colors are Red Heart Super Saver in Charcoal and a med pink with no label from my partners grandma. 

I am thrilled with it. It's huge and warm. 

Moving on...

I just finished the #CallieBag that I made for a friend. One of my first sales.

This bag is made from Red Heart. It is their new variegated yarn in Lagoon.

It is bright and beautiful.

This was a simple bag until I had to figure out how to put it together. I posted about the problems with this bag HERE.

All in all I am happy with it. 

I think every time I am working on something it gets tore out about 5 times. 

This bag was no exception.

I hope Callie is happy with it, I would carry it. :-)

Ok, those are my finished projects, let's move on to what's on my hook...

The Navy yarn on the top is Lion Brand Chunky in Navy.

So far it is just 30 sc across. 17 rows so far.

Isn't this a great bag? It was my inspiration...

Only thing wrong? This bag is not crocheted or knitted. It was made from a sweater and a belt.

Once I seen this bag I knew it was going to get made. I went through tons of stitches to get the look but sadly the yarn is so heavy that the waistcoat stitch I was going to do was just too hard. I couldn't hit the post or the hidden 3rd loop with this chunky yarn, and a bigger hook would not do.

So I went with a regular sc and it is tight and strong. No liner needed.

I went to our local pantry and got an old belt. 

Now I can't find the darn thing, but it is here. I WILL find it.

Simple project. I think it is going to be fine. I am half way on the bag itself, and once I cut the belt in the right pieces to fit, it is going to look awesome. 

Sorry that I couldn't get a picture of the belt. It is MIA. I made sure to get a long one, not to skinny, with a decent size buckle. Remember to think about the length of the belt. Throw the belt over your shoulder to make sure that your bag is going to hit where you want it too.

Next project...

This is the start of my Road Trip scarf. You can find the pattern HERE

I used Unforgettable Boutique in Parrot. Everyone who sees this comments on how pretty the yarn is. I concur. :-)


Here is where I am now...

I still have about 10 rows to go, and the edging, plus the little flowers. They HAVE to get made and put on as well. I fell in love with this scarf the first time I seen it. You can look and see all the other color options that people have made at RAVELRY~Road Trip Scarf. Please do this. You would not believe how beautiful this scarf is in different yarns. Just gorgeous. They really are beautiful. The pattern is simple so far. I want to wear it tied like a bandanna around my neck with jeans and a Tee.

Much Thanks to Zelna Olivier, Zooty Owl's Crafty Blog where the lovely pattern came from. It really is beautiful. Check out Zooty's, it's a great blog.

It just so lovely. I can NOT wait to wear it. 

I think thats it for today for crochet.

I went to the dr. yesterday for more Xrays. I was there almost 2 hours. Good news! The Dr. could see the inflammation from my hip to my toe. Nothing torn. It is my Sciatic Nerve dripping. I know it's common but I have never had something so simple be so painful. The Xrays did show old Arthur too. He runs in my family, and I had years and years of gymnastics and cheerleading and I am sure that did not help any either. 

The verdict? More bedrest until my appt. next week. I came home with 4 bottles of meds, and I got 3 shots while I was at the Dr. office. I am glad its over. I had not been to a "regular" dr in 2 years. Matter of fact, I had Bells Palsy then. I only go when I have something major. Once I had my breast surgery's and they got all of it out I just go to my Gyn and she treats me for what I need. 

I hope to be up and moving soon. Yesterday I piddled in the kitchen. Putting up my sunflower curtains and my matching table cloth. I still have no clue about the rugs on the floor. Huge oriental rugs, I can't move by myself. I need to get better so I can go help my gran spring clean. I promised her I would, me getting hurt didn't help any.

So I have extra time to crochet because I am not supposed to be up a lot. Some movement is ok, if I get stiff it really hurts. I will take the extra crochet time anytime!

I hope this post find all of you well.

I enjoyed spending the morning here in the little piece of my heart and having visitors is the best part.