Friday, April 3, 2015

"Share Some Sun" Hot Pads from Crochet! Magazine & Feast Of The Rampson

Good Evening friends :-)

I have a little crochet for you this evening and a flavor profile for you. Ever heard of a ramp?

It's pouring the rain here, but ramp season is on us and my partner Bub has to dig 200 lbs. That's a lot when they are smaller than a scallion or green onion, so he went camping and I get a couple nights alone. I don't mind a bit, IF it's only a few days. Anything after that I get lonely. My oldest son is coming out to have dinner with me later, and I have the TV to myself along with some new yarn to work with.

I know I mentioned ramps, and I am sure some of you have never even heard of them. Have you seen a ramp? Do you know what they are?

Here they are when they are more than ready to dig. These have lots of green on the top. Us "locals" eat them before they get all the green tops. People that come to the dinner get the full ramp. They are not all that pretty in the skillet, and your not going to like the smell but wait until you taste them. YUM!

They are less then half an inch across the bulb. They really are tiny little stinkers. 

This is what they look like when they are almost too big to eat. Most people want them with just the ramp, not the tall green tops you see in this picture. Ramps, sometimes called a wild leek, is a wild onion native to North America. Though the bulbs resemble a scallion, the flat, broad leaves set it apart. 

Ramps are plentiful in my area. They can only be found in certain places and never in others. The forest I live in is plentiful. They wave in the wind when you see a big patch of them. They look like wide grass, soft and green. They love the sun, and will seem to grow overnight. They are different than a green onion. Look and taste wise, but they are in the same family. When we cook them it's a big family dinner because we all will have ramp breath. They can also make you sleepy like turkey does. We fry them in bacon grease, along with eggs, fried potatoes, brown beans, cornbread, and bacon. 

This is a picture of the dinner that our local Richwood Volunteer Fire Department puts on...

My little one red light town is famous for celebrating the Ramp.

Every year in April we have a HUGE town dinner. People come from all over. You would not believe how crazy people go for these stinky stinkers! I fry mine outside in a "ramp" electric skillet, you don't want to use your good pans. You can smell these little stinkers for miles. They STINK. The whole town stinks when its time for the big dinner. But they are so good, we just overlook the stink. When one person eats them, you better grab you a bite or you are not going to be able to stand the smell of them. I am making them sound terrible, but take it from me, they are delicious!

Look up "FEAST OF THE RAMPSON" in Richwood, WV. 
I am very proud of my little town.

(this is a picture I took, my partner dug these)

Ok, back to why we are here.

I got a new crochet magazine yesterday in the mail. This one was CROCHET! Magazine and it was full of good stuff this issue. 

The pattern I used came from the Spring Issue 2015, page 12.

It's called "Share Some Sun" Hot Pad

Aren't they pretty.

The pattern is simple. I did learn a couple new things during this WIP. I learned to do the long double crochet (long dc), and a Surface Stitch. This pattern also has Picot's in the edging to finish it up.

They start with a magic circle, and basically it's just dc the whole pattern. If anyone would like the pattern let me know here in a message and I will post it for you.

This one is my favorite. I made them out of Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton. This yarn in natural, cayenne and turquoise. 

This one is my partners favorite. Its made from the same yarn in grape, blue and black.

This one is my pastel hot pad. It turned out nice too. They will work for hot pads, coasters, set a plant on, just anything. They are too pretty to keep hidden.

They are about 9 inches. That not small, I think they worked up really nice. Its a quick beginner pattern. 

Thanks for stopping by today. I appreciate it. 

Remember! If you want the pattern let me know. I will post it here just for you!

Have a good evening!