Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Inspiration Yarn Bag

Hi everyone!
Thanks for visiting here today!
I am working on an inspiration bag.
I need a big bag with lots of pockets to take with me when I go and crochet with my best friend at her house.
I was browsing Ravelry and I seen this cute garden bag.
I figured my skeins of yarn would fit nicely in the pockets, and it was big enough to put a blanket in.
Since I am fairly new to crochet I am always looking for a well written pattern that I can follow clearly and read well.
This is it.
This pattern called for all cotton yarn. Since I was trying to use up a ton of Navy, I had I substituted one cotton color for it. I used it as the main color of my bag. I used the navy for the basic structure of the bag.
Here is the link I used when I found the has downloadable directions for a FREE pattern!

Here are a few of my pics. I have completed the sides, the bottom and seamed it all up. All I have left is handles, and the outside pockets. It doesn't have inside pockets but I think I am going to add 2 on the inside for more storage.

Well, there it is.
What do ya think?
I have good intentions of trying to get the pockets made today.
I am getting there. I am trying not to rush myself at the end. I've noticed that when I get close to finishing I have a tendency to not focus on my work as good as I should. I just want to finish it but I have to make it look good. So I will slow down and take my time.
I can't wait to carry it!

What do you tote your yarn in?
I love to make bags!
Happy Hookin!