Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just finished! Crocheted Seat or Stool

Are you having a lazy Sunday?
I am.
Today I decided to finish all those little finishing things that seem to pile up.

My convo with you today? What just came off my hook. 
Yup, another project completed. This one took 2 days. 
I am very satisfied with the results.

Sometimes I worry when I post things that I've made, people have their magnifying glass out. I know thats probably not true. I guess its just insecurity in my crochet skills. Although, I have passed up my friends who crochet and I can do most beginner patterns. I am happy with that.
Hey! 5 months ago or so I couldn't crochet at all. So I think I have made some great progress. I have had some great teachers along the way.
If it wasn't for Bloglovin and the crochet sites, I would never of realized there was a whole online world of people who loves to crochet as much as I do. 
So many patterns, So little time.

Ok, here is my Ta-Dah moment for the day.

I rescued this old wooden square stool from beside the road. Brought it home, put some wood glue in the joints and it was good as new. The top was a little beat up though so I took to Pinterest to see what I could find in the covered stool section.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised with all the crochet eye candy but there wasn't really any free patterns I could find. Now, if I wanted to just sc a simple square I could have done that. My creative genius would not let me be that simple though. Oh no, I had to weave!

Here is my inspiration. (all but the little tassel do-dads) 

Her's is adorable but I didn't want all those colors and I am trying to use up 2 colors that I just cant seem to find anything to go with. Nothing I want to crochet anyway.

Here is mine....

Not to shabby, eh?
It covers well, was easy enough and it fits on tight. 
Its a celery green (Red Heart) and some kind (it was in a bin with no wrapper) of DK light in a lt brown.

Here is a few pictures of my progress along the way...

I made about 40 individual strips of foundationless dc. I had never done it without chaining so I learned something new. I try to do that with all my projects. If you don't learn new things all of your work is going to have the same look and style. Thats NOT for me. (Although, I love my grannys and motifs).

All woven together. I could have crocheted a basket weave stitch here but I didn't want to have to fool with all the color changes but as you can see, I still had a ton of ends to weave in.

It just took a sc all the way around to join the strips, then dc your way (remember to DC2TOG) that way you have a nice fit. 

On the inspiration photo she just left her's loose around the bottom. I wanted mine to have some hold to it so I made mine to fight tight around the seat of the stool.

Here are a few of my finished stool.
Great progress today!

I am very please with myself today. Looking at the pictures I can tell that I need to slide some of the strips over a tad but all in all it turned out lovely. My old camera just doesn't do this upcycled stool any good. 
I promise, soon as I can, new camera.

Thanks to Atty's! The site is loaded with photos. Its very descriptive. If you decide to make one let your imagination go. This is a project can can be finished in a day. I got tripped up on the last strip. I crocheted it backwards 4 times. Got aggravated, put it away last night with only a strip and 3 rows of dc to go. Sometimes its best to quit while I am ahead. I will start tearing it out. (sigh) It happens. 

I hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend. 
Our weather report says we are battening down the hatches, snow storm tonight.

I know where I'll be.
In front of the fire with granny on my hook.

Thanks for visiting!
Happy Hookin!