Friday, January 23, 2015

Heart Dishcloth or Doily

A Doily for Valentines Day

I know I am posting a lot today but its link day and I have to do them separate.

Since Valentine's Day will be here before we know it, I decided to make a few heart things. I don't do hearts, they aren't in my home decor nor do I wear them. I thought this was too pretty, though. Something about cotton yarn and doily's I love. 

The pattern is from Maggies Crochet. Its called Heart Dishcloth. Although, I am not going to use mine for this. It has way too many holes for me to do dishes with, and its way to pretty.

This was the easiest pattern. Seriously, make it. You will get tons of satisfaction when its done. It lays perfect.

I used Peaches and Creme for this.
I made blue because its what I had on hand, plus it matches my living room. 
I just love it.

My heart is not sewn in the middle yet but thats all thats left. Isnt it pretty? A variegated pink would be gorgeous!

Here is the pic and the tutorial from Maggie's Crochet on YouTube.

(thats part one, there are 4, for right hand)
This is a great tutorial if you don't make doily's. I don't but I want to.
Tatting and doily's are a lost art. If I don't learn, they may never be made again!

I hope you love it. 
I do!

Happy Hookin!