Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Broomstick Lace Bracelets

Hi everyone!
Happy Saturday! Happy Weekend!
It's cold here in West Virginia. We have had -10 below and colder!
At the moment the downstairs empty apartment has a busted water line so at the moment I have time to sit and talk to you.

This post I want to show off a new technique I learned.
Broomstick Lace!

I seen a gorgeous pin on Pinterest of this Broomstick Lace Bracelet and fell in love with it. Since I had never done this technique I got out my hooks, sat down and watched the video. Thats how I learn a lot of new things. Thank goodness for the lovely bloggers, crocheters on YouTube for their great tutorials and patterns.

Here is the pin I seen that got me started....

Once I got the technique pretty good I proceeded to start on my bracelets. I made mine out of Peaches & Cream 100% Cotton Yarn, and it worked great! I also have 50% silk brown that I want to try too but its thin so Idt it's gonna work as well. I will let ya know. 
Here are my bracelets!

They turned out adorable. They are just the right size. They are thick, and luxurious and the best thing? I got to get out my button collection and use some of them.
If you love crocheted accessories then try this!
I think I may put some of these on my fb page and see what everyone thinks. I think these may be a best seller!
What do you think?
Happy Hookin!