Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Gran's Trivets

Good Morning my friends!
It's an early post for me.
I wanted to show you my quick project I worked on last evening. 

I spend a lot of time with my grandparents.  They are 87 and 84.  They are the light in my life.  I have spent every Sat & Sun with them since I was a child.  When I moved out and got married, I still made sure I had time for them.

My granddad is hold a special piece of my heart (he has cancer with a good prognosis) , my gran is a real lady and they taught me everything I know, feel and love.

Last time we had a holiday dinner my gran made the comment that you couldn't buy good, thick potholders and hot pads. 
Since I had not been crocheting a month (I've only been crocheting about 6 months now) I didn't tell her that I may be able to make her some.

Yesterday I was super bored.  I worked on my granny shrug but I ran out of yarn and I just don't have it in me to go get more right now.  Our "local" yarn store is over an hr away.  I don't drive.  Its almost impossible for me to buy yarn.  I am not rich.  Its hard for me to buy yarn sometimes, and if I have to buy a pattern to go with it, I'm way broke. 
If any of you are reading this and can help me find cheap yarn off the internet, I would appreciate it so much.  Since I haven't been crocheting long I don't know the best online stores.

I got off topic! AGAIN! I am good at that! Too much I want to share!

Anyway, I searched YouTube yesterday for a cute trivet and finally found one from one of my favorite blogs, Fiber Flux.
Here is the link I used....

Let me tell you, this pattern was fun for me and easy!
It was mindless crochet with a beautiful outcome in just an hr or so.  Its all done with dc and sc.  Thats it!  I am going to make a few for my house. The only suggestion I would make is they are quite small (about 6 inches). She uses a G or H hook and I went larger with a J or K.  I made one with her size hook first.  Thats the pink and ecru one.  I chose the colors from the yarn scraps I had in my bag.  They can also be used for dishcloths.

Here are my trivets....

Aren't they cute?  I just went for it and made mine all different colors. These would make a great gift.  Make a set of 6 (it might take you 2 hrs) for someone you love.  I bet they would love them.

I just adore the Lotus Blossom!
Fiber Flux has the best tutorials.

Anyway, what do ya think?
Since my gran and I have a "granddaughter date" on Thursday, I want to have a couple double thick pot holders for her as well. 
I think she will love them, and its yucky out there today so I will get something on my hook soon!
I will update when I choose a pattern, and get it worked!

If you can help me out with the yarn dilemma, let me know!  I am always looking for great deals on de-stash yarn, Idc if its Red-Heart, but I would give an eye tooth to work in some beautiful hank of hand dyed yarn.
If you have a fave cheapie shop on Etsy, Ebay, whatever! 
Let me know!
I have a skein of green and a few bits of cotton.  I just don't work with the thinner yarn very well. Sock weight, baby yarn, DK is nice but harder for me. I will be desperate for yarn soon! :-)

Thanks for being here with me this morning!
Have a great day!
Spread the crochet madness!
Happy Hookin!