Friday, January 2, 2015

~Clothespin Bag or Peg Bag~

Good Morning, my friends!

How was your New Year?
Did you celebrate?
Sadly, I was in bed before 11:30 pm, my S.O. woke me up counting down the clock. I got woke up at midnight with a kiss.
So, I missed it. Is it really that big of deal?
Do you think its bad luck to take your Christmas decorations down before Jan 1st?
I hope not, because mine was down the 28th of Dec.
I love it when everything gets put away.
Jan. is our big birthday month in my family.
5 of my family members have birthdays this month.
I know I am crocheting for a few of those gifts.
Fiber Flux sent me a review of 20 scarves. I am going to use one of them for my moms scarf.
Anyway, thats not what we are here for today.

I know I made a promise to finish my granny blanket and I HAVE been working on it, but yesterday I was hanging up my wet towels on my inside clothesline on my porch, and 2 times I tipped over the butter bowl that my clothespins are in. So, I got to thinking. I am sure there are clothespin bags on and so I went there to look.

I found one!

Here is the site I used. Sukigirl74 is a user on Ravelry. I used her pattern from her site. This pattern is all her. Its so adorable. I am so glad it was up for free on her blog.

Here it is....(my inspiration clothespin bag)

Isn't it adorable?

Here is the link I used....

Ok, here is my big reveal.

Only one thing, she made her clothes (the pattern for the clothes are on her site too) in the round. I did not. I just kinda made them look like clothes and put them on the line. 
I lined the inside of the bag so it wouldn't stretch out and so my clothespins won't get caught in the yarn inside of the bag.

This was the easiest project.

All I done was HDC (the pattern is SC, but it didn't make much of a difference, the holes in HDC are small enough). Just crochet up to 16 inches, make your hole for your pins, line, seam up sides.

Clothing is totally optional. :-)

I think it turned out cute and its going to help me a lot!
Thank You Sukigirl74, her blog, and Ravelry for a wonderful and easy beginner pattern.

One more thing, I ordered a new camera so my pictures will be more professional looking. I am currently taking them from my phone, and you know how good that is. So, my apologies there.

Today is granny day. I better get busy. 
If you need me, you know where I'll be.

Granny on my Hook!

Have a great day, & Happy Hookin!