Thursday, January 22, 2015

Crochet Books for a Donation

I wanted to show you what I got today.
I had to drag myself out in the cold weather to pay bills so I decided to stop at our local library and see what they had in the crochet section. Sadly, there wasn't many. On my way out the door there was this table set up with all these books for sale for a donation. 
To my surprise there were 2 crochet books on the table. 
I immediately scooped them up. 
I paid $.50 for both plus some extra for the library kittys and turtles. Not too bad! I got a great deal and our library made a little $ and made more room for books. Now I can love them like I love all my books. All books need a good home. I can only hope that they replace the 2 I purchased with more crochet books!

The first one is called Crochet-opedia. It says its the only crochet reference you'll ever need. Its by Julie Oparka. 

Its a really nice book. Heavy cover, it has rings instead of a spine. Its bright, the photos are great and its written clearly. 
Here are a few pics...


It has a beginner, intermediate and advanced patterns.  Its its filled with all kinds of different stitches to learn. The drawings and pictures are very clear. It absolutely tells you everything from washing, yarn weights, threads, hooks and gauges. It covers everything you need to know. As a beginner (4+ months now) these are the things that patterns don't teach you and the stuff that gets taken for granted.

This may be an old book, I don't know. Its from 2013 I see. I could care less. This is one of those keep forever books, the one you keep going back to.

See how nice? I am very happy with my $.50 book.
I love a good bargain!

Ok, here is the 2nd one I got.
It's called Learn To Crochet. It's by Sally Harding.
It says it has clear stitch diagrams and instructions.
20 projects to make.
That makes me happy, 20 projects to work on if I have no internet. I know, you never think that one morning you will wake up and no wifi but it could happen. Anyway, It says its crochet made easy for beginners.

It has a bright colorful cover. Its only 80 pages.  
Here is a quick peek...

Ooohhhhh, these pics are terrible. (quick snaps, I didn't expect you to read the pages, lol) If you did see something you were interested in, message me and I will do my best to get the pattern to you. I have to invest in a decent camera if I plan to keep chatting with all you lovies.
Off topic AGAIN :-)

I am interested in this one too. I love that its a book for beginners with cute, trendy patterns. Seriously, this book has a touch of everything for every room, accessories for you, afghans, pillows and snowflakes. 

When a pattern calls for wool or cotton it tells you that, and the benefits of it. It really goes into detail why that specific type of yarn is used, and it gives you options to use the pattern some other way. I really like it. 

Well, thats my haul for the day. I am a homebody so anytime I get out is a big deal. I would just rather stay home with my kitty and yarn. 
I am having some major stress issues at home and crocheting helps. If it wasn't for crochet, the last few weeks would have really been tough. Today has been a hard one. I hate to walk around all teary-eyed. 
Ooohhh, let's not drag the blog and good day I had with the other stuff I have going on. I try real hard to keep this blog my own. I enjoy it. I love to write. I love to crochet and share. 
I do it for me.
if I didn't have you lovies then why do it at all?

Just sharing a little of my day with you.
I love a good bargain and our local library got a good donation for 2 $.50 books. All in all, I am blessed everyday. 
Say a prayer for me.

Have a good rest of the day!
Happy Hookin!