Thursday, January 15, 2015

Garden or Yarn? Who cares!

How is this day treating you?
I can't complain although it's real cold outside.
Old Man Winter has finally came here to WV.

My reason for this post is to show off my garden bag. Ok, I don't garden so I am going to call it my yarn bag.  When I picked out this pattern and started on it, a blog I follow had it compiled in one of those posts with many other bags.  I love to crochet bags. In my real life I am a bag lady.  I can't help it.  I love all of them and there are a ton of different styles out there available to crochet for free.  Those are best kind.  I hate it when I find a cute something on Pinterest and it has no pattern available or it leads to an Etsy shop (I love Etsy, no offense) where the pattern is available for purchase.  I don't purchase patterns.  I cant afford to buy yarn and patterns. Sad but true, and I bet I am not alone.
Am I?

This morning I finished my yarn bag.  I have been working on it on and off for a week now. Just nighttime work for an hr or so.  I will say that it calls for cotton yarn.  I had some but not the 17 balls it calls for so I went ahead and used a Red Heart Super Saver in Navy for my basic structure.  It worked out well and I am very pleased with it. I will say that I would have made stronger handles.  In the picture the lady looks like she has a long strap on hers but the pattern doesn't acknowledge that so I am going to make a long one for mine in the cream that I used.  I used Walmarts Peaches & Cream and it still took me about 4 balls total and about half of my navy.

The pattern is Easy.  I had no trouble with it, and I am a beginner.
 Turned out really nice.  A tweak here and there but I think its great and totally appropriate to pack all my yarn stuff, and hold what granny blanket is on my hook at the time.

Its holding its shape well.  If I would have used all cotton it would have held a little better, I'm sure. 
As of right now it's stuffed full!


See, I told you it was stuffed full.  I am pretty sure I can get a few more things inside there, and the pockets on the outside can hold at least 3 balls of cotton yarn.  Ooohhhhh, I just love it!

Here is some of the progress at times....

This is just the basic structure of the bag.  It was made in pieces, then sewed together.

Here is a good picture of the depth, and the bottom.  I ran out of navy so I went ahead and striped the bottom.  You cant see it, but it matches and looks like it was meant to be that way.

These are the outside 3-D pockets, one for each side.  They are just SC like the rest of the bag.  Really simple but make sure they both match when it says to miss stitches!

These are the 2 strips of handles.  Now, this is the part I would change.  You have the option in the pattern to wrap them.  I am going to make one long one (strong) so I can throw it over my shoulder.  The pattern has you make holes to put them thru. Its a neat concept. 

Here is the other side of my yarn bag.  I think it turned out well for a beginner.  I am pretty proud of it, but better than that? I can pack it all up and take whatever crochet madness I chose!


A big THANKS to because this is where the pattern came from that I got.  I dont have a blog link for it but I have seen them on  Thats where I got the bright idea.

Here is the link to the Yarnspirations Garden Bag

If you make or have made one of these, let me know. I would love to see it. I am interested in ALL things crochet.

If you follow me, thanks for taking a sec out of your day to share mine. 
Please comment and let me know. 

I want to meet like minded, crochet goddesses who love to talk and share!

I will be back soon with another project on my hook. 
I have some fingerling, sock yarn, 3 ply, whatever you call it, in a gorgeous camel brown.  I have no clue what to do with it.  Its thin and soft.  It calls for something beautiful.  I have no clue!!!!  Do you?????


Happy Hookin!