Monday, February 2, 2015

Easy Bunny!

 Good Morning, my crochet friends.

I have been gone for 4 days but I have something cute to show you that I made over this cold and snowy weekend. 

Since I am not into hearts and Valentine's Day, I decided to get started on Easter. I have a niece that loves dolls, any kind of dolls.

I wanted to find an easy crochet pattern for a bunny, and I found it!

Here is the adorable bunny I found on

Here is the link for that pattern.

Here is mine.

Since this was a stash buster project ( I had to finish up this celery and brown, I am TIRED of it) I made my legs and arms the same color. I didn't realize until I got done that it needed something else.


I forgot the bunny tail!

I was afraid I was not going to have enough brown, so I outlined bunny's legs and arms in the brown, and made him a green and brown pom-pom tail. It took about a 1/3 skein for each color. I used safety eyes, I cross stitched her nose, and used DMC floss for the whiskers.

Here is the updated bunny.

I think it's just adorable. It only took an evening, and I have never made a ball (for the head) before. The pattern says use a styrofoam ball but I just used a tennis ball. Next time, I will stuff the head.

He's a little disheveled this morning. 

If you are looking for a simple addition to a shelf or a child's basket, or even for your bed, make this little friend.

It takes a day.
It's adorable.
That should be enough!

I have 2 more to make, once people see them. They want one!

Thanks for stopping by today,
I have a few more posts to make.
I want to link up, reason for this short post.

Keep On Hookin!