Wednesday, February 4, 2015

On My Hook, Kitty Cat Block

Good Morning my crochet friends!

I have had the flu for the last couple days so please excuse the lack of posts and crochet madness.

I have been searching for a pattern to use with this pretty yarn I got in the mail from Joann's at the beginning of the week. 
It's just Red Heart in Artist. Its a pretty variegated yarn in shades of blues, purples and greens.

I couldn't decide what to make so I sat down and started searching the web. In one of my last posts I made 2 heart fillet blocks and I really liked the look and the time it took. So that lead me to search for individual blocks.

I put cat blocks into the search bar and a cat block picture came up. It didn't have a link to the pattern so that put me on the hunt.

I joined a knitting and crochet forum not long ago, and as I was searching it took me to that forum, and a nice lady decided to post the pattern. Thats the only place I could find it.

I guess I could have made my own pattern but I had never made bobbles, or popcorns before so this was a new stitch for me. I don't know if I could make up my own or not because I am not familiar with crochet pattern design.

It worked out well, and I got the pattern to keep.

Here are a few pics of my work.

This block is finished. It only took about an hr or so to complete and that was with a new stitch and the flu.

The back....

They really look like popcorn :-)
(5 dc, take 1st loop off hook, insert hook into last loop of beginning 5 dc, insert back into first loop (2 loops on hook), and pull through. Popcorn created)

Inside light....

It's a super simple pattern (if anyone would like it, leave me your email addy and I will send it to you) that can be made into anything that takes a block. My block is about 9x9 and I used a G hook. 

Its thick and warm, it would make a pretty throw.

Only problem?
I don't like the yarn it's in.
I think it would be perfect in a heather gray or an alternating black and white like my kitty Jezzebelle.

So, that leads me to my next project.
I dont have one of those either.

I am off to search the web.
Happy Hookin!