Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My win from Here We Go Again, Ready?

I was super excited when I got this in an email.

Re: You won the "Tootsie Roll Hot Cocoa K Cup Sampler Giveaway" giveaway!
This was from HEATHER BAKER @

At first I was disappointed because I thought I had made a mistake and entered a giveaway for a Keurig and unfortunately I cant afford one because my bf drinks about 2 pots a day, can you imagine that in a Keruig?

I sat down, wrote the thank you email and gave them my info.

Well, when the box came it was big. There are (were, lol) 40 little cups in this box. It makes a full 8oz mug of hot chocolate.

but it did have my favorite candy on the side that I looked at. Who doesn't love Tootsie Rolls?

Once I got to looking through the box I started seeing all these little cup of candy that I ate when I was a kid (besides Tootsie Rolls). Jr. Mints, Sugar Babies, Charleston Chews in 3 different flavors. Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry (which I still cant bring myself to drink). Normally I am a tea drinker, but I can do the occasional latte or coffee. Hot chocolate was something new for me but I am up for anything that makes hot candy in a cup :-)

To my amazement, you just heat the water, open the little cup, pour it in, and you have hot cocoa in all these wonderful flavors. (That sounded like I was amazed that I could boil water, lol)

What a great prize, and what a great morning drink.
Every morning I wake up, and my first thought is what kind I am going to drink today. (ok, all but the strawberry, lol) There is something about the strawberry that just seems wrong to me. I cant bring myself to try it but my bf says its really good. 

Notice what I share my morning routine with, crochet and candy hot cocoa! If I have to choose a favorite flavor then its got to be the Tootsie Roll, then the sugar babies. The Jr. Mint's pretty good too. Oh heck, who am I kidding. I l loved them all but the Tootsies are gone :-(
They were my favorite.

I want to send a HUGE 



I was so surprised, it made my day and is still making my mornings.

I always enter giveaways because I love to look at all the blogs. We need to support each other if we want to reach people. It takes me about an hr or 2 of a morning reading and entering giveaways but that my time and I enjoy seeing all the crochet and all the great giveaway blogs. If I find one I like, I enter it. If I find a blog I like I follow. Gotta love link love. <3

Please go to Heather's Blog, Here We Go AGAIN, READY? and check it out. Its full of great giveaways, and TONS of other great stuff.

I got lucky this time!
Thanks again, Heather
I follow and share! ALWAYS! :-)