Saturday, February 28, 2015

#VOXoxBox Reveal

Good Morning my crochet friends.
Today is the last day to enjoy my heart garland on my little tree. All my little trees come down today, to make room for Shamrock garlands!

Since I am so new to crochet I have never made a Shamrock before, although, this is my youngest sons birthday month but sadly I didn't know how to crochet when he was small. 

Anyway, I am sorry for the lack of posts.
I know I have thrown a few reviews in but I cant possibly keep up with 2 blogs, and I hope my friends (followers) know that. My real-life friends know that that's not possible. lol

I have had a case of the blues. I haven't had anything on my hook for almost 2 weeks. I haven't been in the mood. Apparently, somehow I hurt my best friends feelings, and I guess bad enough (I wouldn't know, because she hates confrontation and wont tell me what I done to deserve to lose one of the most special people in my life.) So I have been extremely upset with her and myself (although, Idk what I done, isn't that terrible?) She was my crochet buddy and now I have no one. So, its hard to crochet alone, with tears in your eyes, and no concentration. Then I chopped the end of my pointer fingernail off WAYYYY past the quick and no amount of anything is going to stop the pain so I couldn't crochet if I wanted, plus its too darn hard to type without your lefty pointer.  So I apologize ahead of time for the non-crochet posts. 

I have came out of the funk, woke up yesterday with a new attitude (Patti LaBelle song, insert right here) I cant let others peoples feelings get me down. If she cant be honest with me, then what kind of friendship did we really have? It could have been easily fixed, but I say that not knowing (honestly) how I hurt her feelings (thats what she said) but she could have at least let me know why.

 Anyway, I got out my hook and yarn 
and late, late last night I finally finished my Cambridge Tweed Hometown Masa bag. I just have the folding left and I just realized I haven't made the handles yet, lol. That my project after I am done taking to all of you.
I need a button. I am somewhat of a collector, but I am looking for that special button, the one that's going to pull my bag together but alas, no luck yet. Its going to have any kind of button because I want to show it off. This one turned out thick, and just gorgeous.
That's a reveal for another day....SOON.

The reason for my post this morning....
As my little badge says on my sidebar that I am an Influenster and my long and much awaited #VoxoxBox came yesterday.

If you dont know what influenster is go check it out. You gotta rewiew your box on social media, just like everything else these days. I got no compensation from the sponsors or Influenster, just a great box of goodies to review.

This month was their Valentine Box. I was really looking forward to something sweet, but to my alas, no chocolate. How can you get lingerie and no chocolate to go with it?

Here are a few pics of my box and its goodies, after the pics, I'll break down the prices for you. Your not gonna believe how much this box retails for!

This is the pretty box I had been waiting for (oh, they send tracking, which made it even better!)

Here are all the goodies inside my box. 

Here is a quick run down....

Tide Pods~10 count $4.99
Colgate Optic white toothbrush (with a whitening pen at the end of it) with the matching toothpaste. $ 14.99 (only brush & pen), the toothpaste in 3 oz is $4.99. I got 2 John Frieda packages of products. This made me extremely happy, I love John Frieda. I got his Luxurious Volume, 7 Day Volume In Shower Treatment @ $9.99, and his beach collection. I finally get to try a sea salt spray and not have to purchase a whole big one. I was super excited to see this. It had shampoo, conditioner, and the texture spray. It's $9.99. I got a little 1 0z tube of Skinfix Inc Hand Repair Creme. This is good stuff for our rough WV winters. It makes these rough hands soft and silky @ $10.00. That was all the tangible items.
I also got a $25.oo gift card to ebay, a free set of VIP lingerie from Adore me, and $25 off $100 is a coupon I wont use but I do love Lands End. It's my kinda style.

@SkinfixInc #SKINFIXED 

My fave yet, my John Frieda products. 
@JohnFriedaUS #LoveMyJohnFrieda

This together was almost $20
@opticwhite #brilliantsmile

 Here are my coupons and vouchers.

Well, what do you think of my VOXoxBox? I was happy with this one. I had never gotten anything from Influenster so I was not sure what to expect and for free they sure didn't disappoint. 

If you want a surprise in the mail sign up!

I will be back with you later on once I get my Masa Bag done. I really want to bring the blog back to crochet although I still have a review or 3 to do :-)

I hope you have a great weekend. I am going to spend mine making roses and button flowers for my crocheted spring wreath. I didn't want to work on it because it was a best friend project that we were going to do together. Oh well, her loss. I am going to have a beautiful wreath.
Here is an inspriation, its all my fave again! Love her work!

I will update more soon, have a great last day of Feb!
Spring is right around the corner!

All my crochet dream stitches in one place <3. 

I'll be back to chat again soon, I enjoy comments. Leave me one!