Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Review Here & There....

Just a quick notice....

I am going to start doing a review or 2 on this blog.

I have been reviewing for a couple years now but not on a blog.

I have decided to give it a try here.

Sorry, If you follow only for the love of crochet.

I have a love for free and sharing, as well as crochet madness.

So, here and there I will post a review and I hope it will be helpful for all the consumers. I will also post the info so maybe you can review and get free stuff to give away, and test on your blog.

I dont mean to lose followers.

I want to gain them.

Just letting you know that the blog will soon have another focus as well as crochet.

This will be my first review on the blog.

It's coming up....

Let's go shave and try it out!

I will be back soon with a review~