Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Another Rescued Throw....

Good Morning my crochet friends :-)

Today I thought I would show you what I have going on. 

(yes, again)

My bf found this throw in an alley in an ice ball. Isn't that sad. Someone sat and actually took time to make it for someone and they throw it out in the street. Its a shame and it just had to be rescued. My bf knew if he didn't bring that home there would be hell to pay so he brought it home (lol), I threw it in the tub, turned the shower on hot and thawed it out. Then washed it on the hand wash cycle and it actually turned out really nice. My girlfriend didn't want me to unravel it.  
Here is the throw....

See its not too bad, its pink, white and green. It has some kind of loopy edging that was a B***h to unravel so I had to snip it off. The rest, once I figured out that I had to unravel a row below it got going pretty good.

Here is some of my progress....
Look at the balls so far....not to bad.

Make sure that you start balling it up or it will be a tangled mess. See how it comes out all lacy looking, if that gets knotted, I feel for you.

I am getting there. I don't have but 6-7 rows left and I am going to have about 18 balls of yarn. Once I put them all together they are going to make a nice big ball of yummy yarn goodness.

Now, I have a plan for all these recycled afghans and throws.
Here is the way of the recycled yarn....

This is what I plan to do with them.
Not these exactly, but the inspiration is there.

I love a gorgeous front door and entry way. I love crochet wreaths. I have always loved wreaths. I have been making them for years but never with yarn. What a great idea! I was in love as soon as I seen at

The bottom pic is those garden flag holders. I think this is a great idea and I don't think I need a pattern. This is a pic that I found on Etsy that I fell in love with. Its just a super great idea, and it will make my yard special. I collect those little flags and crocheted ones sound even better to me.

I hope this day turns out happy and full of goodness for everyone.

There is a Masa bag on my hook that I cant wait to finish (today, I hope). It made from Homespun tweed and its going to be gorgeous. I am on the hunt for a special button. A very special button. I cant find one and I am a collector! Another I cant wait to show you but that's another day......

Happy Hookin!