Monday, December 1, 2014

Out with the pumpkins, In with the lights!

If you didn't notice I finally found out how to make a new header. I was proud of myself. Not as technical as I would have liked it to be but progress still.
In my granny ripple post it shows the shawl I made. If you look at top of page I am wearing it at Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, that's me. I am Crystal. :-)
I wanted to say I had 2 Thanksgiving dinners this year. One with my best friend Kat, and one with my family. Both were sooo good and shared with the people I share my life with and love best. I plan to hold Christmas Dinner for all of us here. Wish me luck!
Here are a few pics from Thanksgiving.

Thats my plate. I don't eat turkey so it's missing but the rest was gone in a few minutes and I was up for more. I ate 3 pieces of my gran's pumpkin pie she made from scratch. I can only hope mine are as good someday. The last picture of my table is a Christmas Nativity scene my bff Kat gave me. I've decided to bring it out to use this Holiday Season.

When we got home, took our Thanksgiving naps and ate again, we got out the Christmas boxes.
I decided to decorate my house a little early because we had an unseasonable few warm days and I would much rather do it when its warm. 
Here are a few pics of our progress...
(my outside tree needs a bow)

There is the finished product so far. I think its tasteful. 

Since I got out all this outside stuff, I unpacked my inside decorations. Not my tree. I took one whole day and I crafted. This picture is everything I done that day minus the pinecones for my door (below) and a big bow or 2. 

I put bows on everything. I made one wreath into 2. They have colored lights on them and if you look in outside pic you can see them on sides of tree. 

The little snowmen were made from Pinterest. I just searched sock snowmen and a million popped up. These were made from things I had laying around my craft table. We ALWAYS have lost socks here. They say fill with rice, I used beans. I also used a bbq skewer painted with orange marker. I love to have ANY reason to go to my button bag.
I think they turned out adorable. They say hello as you come in my entryway.

I also made 2 of these...
(this is the pic from Pinterest)

Here is mine for my front door. I used the pinecones I sprayed from a previous post.

(yes, my landlord needs to replace this ugly door)

This project was super simple. Pinterest has tons of different ways to do it. I made one for my bff, Kat and I used red and green plaid ribbon for her's and its much prettier than this one. I have plans to add another big, big bow to mine on the door. I need to sit down and do that.

I was sick all day yesterday so please excuse me missing a day or 3. I am not currently crocheting anything new. I have several dishcloths and towel hangers to make as gifts for a friend (my first sale!) and 3 little bags to make for another friend, another sale! I need to get started but its not too pressing. I can whip out some dishcloths in an evening and 3 little bags only take one skein. I made them in a previous post called Sissy's Bag. I need to work on my flower work.
I live so far from walmart that I have to make a special trip for yarn. That will be here in the next week or so. I think I have found me an inspiration but that is for another post, another day.

I hope your day is going well.

Thanks for being here and sharing my Thanksgiving Day Blessings.

Now its on to "Happy Holidays"
Better get busy......