Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Yarn For Christmas

Hey Everyone! Happy Holidays!

Isn't my Grans Christmas Cactus gorgeous?

My Christmas Tree 2014

I haven't been on for awhile. I have been consumed with regular Christmas activities I got my nerve up and went to Walmart. I will shop online from now on. It wasn't the people in the aisles this year. It was the merchandise! There was not enough room to get though to shop. Very time consuming.
I went for yarn and some groceries for my Christmas dinner. My best friend Kat and I are going to throw a Christmas dinner for our strays. Those are our friends that have no family. We had Thanksgiving at her house, now its time for everyone to come here. 
On the menu...
Deviled Eggs
I am sure there will be cookies, candy and appetizers for everyone. I am so excited to host it this year. I need to find a gorgeous tablescape. I think thats a great menu. I dont want to spend all my time in the kitchen so lasagna sounded easy and self serve. I want to spend time with my guests. I think a few holiday drinks will be on the menu too. Do you have a fave I can try?
As you know I have been out of my mind without yarn. I have been so desperate that I took things apart to make new stuff. Thats over now. Look at my haul from Walmart.

I was really disappointed in their selection. I got what I needed to finish up my Christmas Dishcloths and my 3 bags that I need to crochet that were ordered online. I am making Sissy's Boutique Bag. (The bottom pic is the bag, but it is the first one I ever made) Its in one of the previous posts.

This is it but in these colors...

I think a little girl will love it.

Here are all my DishCloths I am making for Christmas Gifts. I made a little towel holder and 2 dishcloths tied up with a pretty bow. I would be pleased if someone thought enough to crochet me something lovely to do my dishes with and if you have never used a 100% cotton crochet dishcloth, then you NEED to. They dry fast and make your kitchen happy!

Here is a set for my friend. She ordered them from me for Christmas gifts.

The dark blue on the towel holder is crocheted around a rubber band. The solid one is a design of my own. That one requires no sewing. Reason the 2 are different is I am running out of yarn (walmart is out) and I have one more to do. I think its going to be fine. I may have to do the other to match now that I see it on here.
I have 3 more bags to crochet.
I better get busy!

I woke up this morning to a yard full of snow. Our first here in WV. Brrr.....