Thursday, December 11, 2014

Quick Project for a Sick Day

Good Afternoon!

I am dealing with a terrible cold today and it has really got me down. I made a promise to myself that I would practice crocheting every day. If you don't practice, (just like the piano) you don't get better and its my goal to be a crochet encyclopedia. I am amazed at all the stitches and projects that are available and out there to learn. Most are too hard for me right now but I attempted this SAME headband when I first started crocheting a couple months ago and it was out of my league. Today it was not, and thats huge progress for me and for that I am excited and thankful, and Today that promise was turned into headbands. Very easy headbands. I can always use the extra little things in Christmas stockings. My sisters little girl reaps all the crochet benefits. Lucky her. I made one for myself this time though and I have one more to make for my BFF Kat. I started Sissy's in pink, she is a red-head and I got to thinking I had better stick with the white for her. Anyway, here is the link I used. 
I went Andromeda's Fiber Studio and got it. There is a picture tutorial available too. I always look for one when I start a project. Its nice to crochet along with someone.

Here is the picture tutorial.

Here is the picture of mine. Please excuse the morning hair. I am taking a sick day.

I think it turned out really cute, right on trend and great for extra Christmas presents for neighbors, post woman, just whomever you think could use a headband. 
I just love this one.
If you make one, let me know!
~Happy Hookin!