Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rainy Days and T-Shirt Bags

It's very late but I am dealing with a bout of insomnia at the moment, so I decided to update a little early (or late), however you want to view it. 
Its poured the rain here all day in my little one red-light town. So being out of yarn I done the next best thing.
I got into my homemade T-shirt yarn. 
I have been looking at this bag on Ravelry but there is no pattern link so I decided to take what little bit of crochet knowledge I had and decided to give it a try.
I just crocheted 25 across, put 2 sc in each turn and kept on going, making sure I decreased as I went as not to have the bag out of proportion. It worked up really fast and it looks quite good, I think.
I basically made it out of boredom but I have realized that a little different pattern and I can make any kind of free standing basket or bag I would like.
I chained simple crochet handles.
My laptop is going to fit perfectly, its even got some cushion. 
This bag is big enough to take to the store, to pack my yarn in when my bff and I crochet together, and drag all my other crafty stuff I carry around.
Well...I've rambled long enough.
Here is the big reveal...

Well, what do you think? Not to shabby to be made out of old raggedy T-shirts. My crochet keeps getting better and better as I practice with new stitches and patterns. Using different weights of yarn and different size hooks have really got me paying attention. 
I look up a new tutorial everyday. No matter if its dbl tr, or just a simple granny. Its helped me in so many ways and I am so grateful to all the great bloggers in the crochet arts that I follow.

Ok, one more thing to show you before I try and get myself settled in for the night.
I am in love with doily's. I think that is an art that will soon be lost if more people don't learn. I love to tat. I love the look of lace but being new to crochet I have always found the patterns, thin thread, and tiny hooks daunting.
I searched all day for a beginner doily pattern.
I found this one...

Since I was using my stash yarn and I am almost out. I used a gold 2 ply and a 0.3 MM hook. I followed the pattern until I ran out of yarn. I went around all but one time. I admit, it's a little wonky in places and I didn't do the picot's at the top but its progress and I think it could be used just like it is. The color reminds me of a gold star ( I say that because I really don't like it, lol). Once I lay it out and get it straight I think it will make a nice addition to a table somewhere. 

Here it is....Don't laugh. First try...LOL

and really it is very simple. If you haven't tried to make one pick up your hook and give this pattern a try. I will be making a few more as gifts as soon as I can get the correct materials to do it properly.
Thats my thing, if your bored and you don't have the right stuff just PRACTICE! It cant hurt and it can only make your work more beautiful.

Have a good night!
I'll talk to you soon.
Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit!
Happy Hookin :-)