Monday, December 22, 2014

Partys & Last Minute Gifts

Good Morning!
I hope everyone is having a calm day. I know Christmas is only 4 days away. To be honest, I have not wrapped a darn thing. Since I shop all year for Christmas presents (its not as expensive to spend it all year than in 2 months) I need to get in my closet and pull out all those gifts that I have hid from myself. Do you shop all year?
Have you ever lost a gift you put up?
I have, not this year I hope.
I have all the necessities for wrapping. Last year I waited too long and couldn't get bows and had to make them homemade. Not this year, I got mine early. I am way to busy to be making bows this year. 
For those of you who have been reading since the beginning you know my sister is having a hard time. I crocheted dishcloths in 3's for all my family members with a kitchen. She had one until about a month ago. Now, she does not. I struggled with
                   what to make her and her boyfriend.
I stopped in at our local panty the other day and they had these gorgeous scarfs and matching hats. I picked one of them up for the boyfriend and for another gift for a friend. 
What do you think? (I didn't make these)

They are going to make great last minute gifts. 
Now let me show you what I have been working on like a mad woman. This is a shell scarf I made from youtube.
Here is the wristers pattern from Mikey @TheCrochetCrowd.

I think they turned out great. I started on the shell stitch scarf first. I had made shells before just not in a scarf. After I got past the first 2 or 3 rows I had it going on. I finished it in 2 days. Thats a little long, but I had to prep for a Christmas party here at the house yesterday so I didn't have much crochet time. The gloves were so easy. I figured who wouldnt love a pair. I am going to make myself a pair after I can start crocheting again for my self after the first of the year. After all the holidays are over. I have a birthday the 29th of Dec and we have 5-6 birthdays in Jan. Whew. I'll be busy!

I love to try hacks from Pinterest. I decided to make the mint trays I have been seeing everywhere. I couldn't find my parchment paper. This little round one was my first try. I put it in the pie tin to keep it from spreading. I used waxed paper in the bottom. I put the candy in the right pattern, put it in 350 oven for 8-10 min. I watched it carefully so it wouldn't run. Here is how it turned out.

When I took it out of pan the waxed paper stuck on the bottom so this candy you can't eat after your done using it (if you want too, it says you can, idk about that, yuck).
This is one hack that works!
Here is the square one, I found the parchment paper this time and it peeled off the back perfectly.
Here is my big one.

Yesterday at my party I put the Christmas Cookies out on it. 
My bff and I made about 75 Christmas Cookies Friday. Look at these, don't they look yummy?

I have to say my dinner was a success yesterday. I had 8-10 people. We had lasagna, salad, crescent rolls, pie, so many good things. It was a success. I made my first batch of PB candy (made from the easy pb candy pin on Pinterest). 
This is the recipe I used. I cut the extra 1/2 cup sugar.

It turned out so creamy.

If you love pb candy and don't want to drag out all the stuff to do it with, try this simple recipe. Time 2 1/2 min ONLY. You don't need a candy thermometer. Try this for Santa instead of cookies!

Ok, today I need to get my stuff done. My cards addressed, the packages wrapped, many, many other things to do.

I started on a dog sweater for my son and his Chillweenie so I am going to try and get some crocheting in today. I had a crochet helper last night. 

How often do you have a helper?

Have a great day. 
Dont stress!
You have PLENTY of time to finish.

Happy Holidays & Happy Hookin!