Saturday, February 1, 2014


To be honest I forgot this was here. I just lost track of it. I am going to start writing again. Just to keep my thoughts in order. My life has been going great. I am still with Bub. Yes, the drama and laughter continues. I have moved back to my hometown, Richwood WV. Back with my parents and my grandparents, kids and immediate family. I moved home to be with my grandfather who has cancer. He is making it. We say prayers, its working.

I have a few things to be proud of. My oldest son is going to the Navy when he graduates in the spring. We are going to be getting ready for prom and graduation. He is the Chief Jr. Firefighter (thats a whole nother heart attack) as well. I am so proud of my boy who is turning into a man. 

This is my other little one, he is soon to be 9 in March and he lives in Raleigh Co, WV. He is my little motor mouth and keeps me on my toes.
Its Feb 1st, @7am. We are waiting on a snow storm. My kids haven't been to school since Christmas of 2013. Its been insane cold here. The snow hasn't been much of a problem but the ice and cold have been dangerous.
I had some drama with Bub yesterday. He got picked up by the WVSP on a warrant from 2010. He went to court and it all turned out ok, but he has to be in Sville on Monday morning. I hope the weather allows for it. I was very upset. He was upset, but there was nothing I could do but be strong for him and make sure he got all the paperwork he needed to make sure he didn't end up in CRJ. Thankfully he is home with me right now. He isn't awake (imagine that) but he is here. It scares me to think he might not be here and I am going to have to maintain control my by myself. SCARY, but I can do it. 

I have decided I am going to use this Blog as a diary of sorts, a bitch post, or just crafting, sewing or baking. Just whatever suits my fancy. At the moment I am trying out PINTEREST pins that no one knows if they work. Bub and I made this cat house from 2 clothes hangers, and a cushion, and a t-shirt. Here is the final product. So look up t-shirt kitty house on your Pinterest and see what you come up with! This is my Jezzebelle.

 Thanks for hanging out with me toady. I will be back in a few days to update.