Sunday, February 2, 2014

February, the smallest month for everything big.

 Good Sunday Morning to ya!

 I am not feeling well today so I am gonna take it easy, update a little and then kick back and watch the Super Bowl. I should have went to church this morning but I didnt. Pure laziness on my part. I just didnt want to get out of bed. I should have. The weather has finally cleared enough, and the temp has came up in the high 30's so I need to get myself outside. I don't know about you but I get cabin fever bad when it's winter and I don't get out as much. I have a tendency to get depressed, and want to spend all my time in my bedroom. I have to open my curtains and let the sun shine in or I might as well hibernate like a big bear. Thats not healthy. I need sun to live. I hope spring is around the corner but.....

  yesterday was GroundHog Day and that little sucker seen his shadow (as usual) and we have 6 more weeks of winter. This is how I figure it. Its Feb, Feb has 28 days, thats 3 weeks and some change. Then March will be here. I look at March as the saving grace. It may be cold and wet but I KNOW nothing can stop spring from then on out. It makes me happy. I hate winter. Idk how I ended up living in a cold weather state. Yes, West Virginia has 4 distinct seasons but do I really need below zero temps, and a colder wind factor?           
             So I say let's plan a day trip or a girlfriend working lunch. That way the husbands/SO wont think we are getting hair and nails done. Which we totally are! 
I guess I am going to get my lazy ass up and put some lipstick on as Liz Taylor says. I think I may pull a few snacks together and open my box of wine. Invite a few friends, turn on the Super Bowl, watch the game and be thankful that I could host such a party, with what the weather has been and all. It wont take a professional hostess long. Haha, who am I kidding. I'll be lucky to open some chips and make hoagies. 

I hope everyone has a great day. Please dont drink and drive if you are partying somewhere else. In my little town we can walk. Hey, the weather is nice today. WALK!